DRAFT: So, defend this......

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(credit to the Washington Post for this article)

Squatting amid loose red dirt and rocks, Blake Fischer posed for a picture, a triumphant grin stretching across his face. Arranged in front of him, resembling a macabre family picture, are the bodies of four baboons. The smallest one’s head is lolled back, its mouth slightly agape. Crimson blood stains its abdomen. A quiver of arrows is in the foreground.

It is this photo that has landed Fischer, one of Idaho’s Fish and Game commissioners, in the middle of a firestorm of backlash, which includes an increasing number of calls for his resignation from a position he has held for four years, the Idaho Statesman first reported Friday.

It all began when Fischer and his wife returned from a hunting trip to Namibia last month. Fischer compiled photos of the animals the pair had hunted, which included a leopard, giraffe, impala and waterbuck, and sent the images along with descriptions of each kill to more than 100 people, KBOI reported.


At the very top of Fischer's email was the picture of the baboons, according to the Statesman.

"Fellas," Fischer wrote in the Sept. 17 email, according to the Idaho State Journal, "I have been back for a week, but have been hunting and trying to get caught up. Anyways, my wife and I went to Namibia for a week . . . first she wanted to watch me and 'get a feel' of Africa . . . so I shot a whole family of baboons. I think she got the idea quick."

Fischer's email did not sit well with a number of people who received it, some of whom are former fish and game commissioners. The email and responses to it were obtained by local media outlets through a records request to the Idaho governor's office.


So my question is....

Who out here can defend this atrocity?

I suspect there are a couple.

Go for it....


I hope this guy dies a slow death and feels the pain these poor creatures did.