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My youngest daughter is 15, and a dumphone moron. But often she asks me: "Papi, ist that true what I read ? I was on Facebook and Mum didn't know that because otherwise she'd got mad at me. So I gave it up. Same as Instagram. I read of people playing games which led to suicide of teens. Is that true ? Why do kids do that ? Can't they talk to their parents and friends ? What drives them ? I mean, you're an old guy *chuckle*, but you know something. Actually, I might need the "pill" to avoid pregnency soon.What do you think ?"




"Well, you see, I was young once as well. I've done a lot of shit too, as every young person which is curious does. I was revolting against my parents, as you know, every generation does that in order to get an own identity. Whatever you do, do it, but ask me before. Because I might have done it too and know the outcome.".


(Fictive talk, but that's how we talk to each other. Trust is all. And I feel fucking honored that my daughter discusses EVERYTHING with me.)

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