Incompetence is a bi-partisan problem

To those that think it's the GOP's fault voter rights are being denied,


There are many things that Democrats can do which are technical in nature that will make it easier to vote. They control many States and Counties around the country but have done little to make it easier to vote. My County in Western PA is solidly Democratic and they are getting ready to spend millions on new voting machines, when the old ones, while a bit antiquated, work just fine. No mail in system that eliminates the thousands of poll workers and support staff was even considered. It is all about spending someone else's money on gee whiz tech that is debatable on whether it is more secure than the old system, and the efficiency improvement has not been demonstrated.


Rail against Republicans all you want, but there are many things that can be done that could make it easier to vote, that do not require GOP support. There were long lines in California districts. That State is Democrat from top to bottom. Unfortunately incompetence is a bi-partisan problem.


Johnny Fever Added Nov 9, 2018 - 8:38am
It’s difficult to vote?  I don’t think it could get much easier.  One simply registers, shows some proof of residency and then votes.  So sure, let’s take those paper ballots and get rid of them for machines, that has nothing to do with making it easier to vote as defined by Democrats.  Democrats know their base is full of irresponsible deadbeats.  Think about it, how many registered Republicans are on food stamps?  So making it easier to vote for Democrats means doing away with things like registration and proof of residency.  If it was up to Democrats, they would let illegal aliens vote.  Boy would that be easy eh?
Michael Carlin Added Nov 9, 2018 - 1:35pm
In most places it is not difficult to vote. I have lived in PA all of my life and have voted in rural, urban, and suburban districts. University towns, small towns, big cities. I have only missed two elections, and they were Primaries, in 39 years. I have never waited more than five minutes to vote.
This is what makes what has happened in Florida (routinely) and selected other places so appalling. Now I understand voting machine malfunctions, power outages, and other outlier events but the fact that people are lined up for blocks in Florida, Arizona, or California is a failure of local and perhaps State politicians. Under no circumstances should there be a voting district / precinct with more than 1200 people in it. If a district gets bigger than that it should be cut in half for the next Election. This is just common sense. Voting should not be a chore or a major time commitment. It should be as easy as popping into you local convenience store to purchase a gallon of milk. 
The question is, is this come kind of conspiracy to discourage voters or bureaucratic indifference or incompetence? I suspect it is a little of both. Running Elections can be expensive. Finding people to fill Election boards is time consuming and when it comes right down to it you do no know if first timers will show up. The pay in PA is the equivalent of $10.00 per hour and there is no dis incentive for not showing up. You just forgo a $120.00 check. Most local politicians are more concerned with things like filling potholes, collecting garbage, and traffic patterns. Election hassles come and go quickly, and rarely cause enough angst for voters that they are going to make some politician pay politically. So it is easy to see why local pols couldn't care less. 
State pols are a different matter. There are many with vested interests in hanging on to power and they are not happy when registration of Party's other than their own begin to rise. There may be an effort to make voting difficult, and while you may discourage your opponents supporters from coming to the polls, you also discourage your supporters. I could be wrong but it seems to me that making voting easy benefits everyone. Perhaps I am naive.  
Mogg Tsur Added Nov 9, 2018 - 4:38pm
RE: Michael Carlin - You took a wrong turn when you suggested America should make it easier to vote. Despite the Constitutional controversies and political posturing voting is NOT a Right in America on par with Freedom of Speech, Equality Under the Law, and those fundamental Truths We Hold Self Evident. Consider this, it is the States that regulate how their citizens vote in any election. By this I mean voting age, residency requirements, proof of eligibility, etc. 
That is the first point which should be steering American opinion on the matter of the vote. We should ask ourselves why the Founding Fathers created a 'democracy' in  which the power to self rule is under the control of only those of a certain age, in certain circumstances and revocable. One arguable answer is that those who fought and died to free this land from tyranny knew that tyranny lurks in many corners. Our nation was formed in the knowledge that self rule as a Right demands Responsibility.
This brings us to the 21st Century when the fractures of political manipulation are beginning in not small ways to appear in our system. The fruition of the prediction that in a democracy, when the governed learn the trick they will be quick to make a tyranny of a government is already come.
Consider as well the implications when we seek to, Form a More Perfect Union. How can we call ourselves a Union when we are open to intrusion without regulation and subject to dismantling of the principles that Form our Union by outsiders among whom arguably exist de facto enemies. Do we draw no differentiation between negotiating among ourselves in ongoing fashion Our future and importing parties to the negotiations who never agreed to our principles in the first place?
Now that we can reasonably agree to Our Sovereignty and that Sovereignty precludes extemporaneous authority over it from without let's look at what wisdom we apply to our rightful participation in our governing. If age is a prerequisite to participation, why? Is it not that maturity, experience, education and an understanding of the gravity of self rule is vital to perpetuation of the Union? And given that we do not seek self destruction how much maturity, experience, education and understanding is necessary at a minimum to avoid suicide of the State?
No, the point is not to make voting easy but to preserve in voting the dignity, credibility and integrity of our Nation. Even a superficial examination of America's vote raises deep concern. 50% of the eligible attending an election is remarkable. No attempt is even made to ascertain that voters understand what they vote for or against. The most palpable and least deniable medler in U.S. politics is the Media, a for profit institution that counts the dollars before it counts the votes. And with the advent of ubiquitous, unregulated influence emanating from social media how can we NOT be alarmed at who controls the vote?
More people voting is not the answer. Facility is the sell off of American Rights and will put an end to us.
John Minehan Added Nov 9, 2018 - 5:38pm
Submitted for your consideration: a two term governor of a certain state who now has considerable complaints to make about a certain county clerk (about whom he did nothing during those two terms).  Next stop: the Twilight Zone . . . . 
goldminor Added Nov 10, 2018 - 2:04am
The situation in Florida is nuts. Why this woman was not fired some years back amazes me, considering the long list of outright errors or corruption compiled by her in the dozen or so years where she has held that position. I would imagine that it is likely that the main reason why she was not fired was that she was black, and nobody wanted to get tangled up with cries of racism.
Bill Kamps Added Nov 10, 2018 - 3:30pm
For the most part it is easy to vote, and easy to come up with the needed documents to be registered.  This is not always the case.
In cases like this, it is always useful to get John Oliver's take on things.
Stick with it, so you see how people in the legislature vote for others who are not present to vote :)
Marty Koval Added Nov 10, 2018 - 11:31pm
I have lived and voted in NY, NJ, PA, WI, OR, CO, MO, and WA over the decades and have found registering and voting to be quite easy. The mail in ballots are very convenient to use and allow you to take the time at home to study the issues and candidates before you vote. The mail in ballots require a signature, that can be compared to the signature on file to make sure the person who is voting is the actual person.
Some people would like to see on line voting and I have concerns on this, if the person who is voting is the actual person name on the ballot. Verifying the signature could be a challenge.