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Have you ever had a redpill moment?  Perhaps a small redpill.  Not the huge redpill that you nearly choke to death swallowing.  These small redpills are easily consumed with a sip of water -- while after consuming, that same ice water is dumped down your back.  A feeling that jars you.  It's not an entirely dreadful feeling while also not very pleasant.  Certainly not what you asked for.


I had one of these small redpill moments while reading the articles here and their trailing comments.  I was forcing myself to not get emotionally charged and just look at the comments from an outsider viewpoint (if that is even possible).  An "outsider" would be defined as a sentient being that is neither the product of nor the recipient of the "status" of our world.  Somebody from the planet "Zorb".  A Zorbian -- fill in the appropriate skin color and "Zorbian" features to your liking.

I saw two types of mindsets:

1) People who have driven in the fast lane all their lives and then suddenly, with the wheel in hand, realize the road just ran out and are experiencing the Wiley Coyote moment (suspended in midair just before gravity takes effect).

2) People who are passengers in that same vehicle, moments earlier, and saw the cliff approaching.


In both cases, you have people who feel helpless. 

In both cases, the conversations in the vehicle are not very productive.  You might say hysterical. 

You could also agree that, in both cases, any "logical" or "even-tempered" conversation is useless. 

In both cases, free speech is being used to the maximum that any right had to allow.  Hey, silence is also free speech, but I doubt in either case, anyone would be silent.

And lastly, in both cases, there is an idea that somebody is going to die.  


Now, context is everything and our Zorbian visitor has practically none.  So Zal (our Zorb), sees our friendly website, Writerbeat, and agrees that this website is indeed thee stalwart example, perhaps the only one on the entire Earth-Wide-Web, that allows/promotes free speech from around the planet where no idea survives, clad in "bubble-think".  






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