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Back in its glorious 1970's-1980's heyday, Hustler magazine was at the cutting edge of two things; incredibly explicit porn, and outrageously non-PC humor. Both of them captured a wide spectrum of "diversity", but I'll stick with the humor portion. The ad parodies, certain works by George Trosley, sentient genitalia, Chester the Molester, and other material ensured that Hustler was a barrel of monkeys in addition to barrels of other creatures like beavers, clams, cocks, and starfish, all kept lubricated and reciprocating with sea of oils, fluids, excretions, juices and lotions, not to mention oceans of cash.


However, Larry Flynt, the infamous founder and publisher of Hustler, also used his mag as a masthead for freedom of speech, and was at the center of several high-profile political controversies and scandals and their attendant court cases and lawsuits. Tossed among the smut like a gleaming jewel , Flynt committed character assassinations of his numerous enemies in the form of a full-page segment appropriately called Asshole of the Month. Various right-wing, bible-belching political and/or public figures were usually his targets; his consistent “portrayals” of the Reverend Jerry Falwell led to a landmark Supreme Court case which Flynt won.


Anyway, my inaugural Writer’s Beat Asshole of the Month award goes to…Ryan Messano!!! Congratulations, Ryan! Although you lost one election like a motherfucker, you also just won another fuckin’ election with an overwhelming fuckin’ landslide!


Mr. Messano, who recently ran for the Vallejo, CA school board, came in, not surprisingly, in last place, but that fact that he got over 3,000 votes also says something about Vallejo. Maybe they long for the days when men were men, women were women, and the signs over each and every anus said “DO NOT ENTER” and “EXIT ONLY”. Messano apparently took a Trump-like approach, except that he lacked the intelligence, or is simply too sadomasochistic, to realize that he essentially lives at the Ground Zero/San Andreas Fault junction of strident and militant anti-Trumpism.


For some reason, he reminds me of Dan White, who was another right-winger involved in Bay Area politics a generation ago. Very much a square peg surrounded by round, stretched-out holes, Dan White also had a habit of quitting, and then wanting reinstatement. When he didn’t get his old job back (they were very glad to see him go), White gunned down San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and openly-faggy Supervisor Harvey Milk in cold blood, yet got off with essentially a slap on the wrist due to the infamous “Twinkie Defense”. News flash for you Ryan – Twinkies only worked once.


“I blew George and Harvey’s BRAINS OUT with my…six-gun!”


Dead Kennedys version of “I Fought the Law”:


As Ryan has mentioned bazookas and machine guns in addition to assault rifles, let’s all hope that Mr. Messano doesn’t think of Dan White as a role model. Most dictatorial types are also very, very SORE losers, and Ryan’s latest offensive against women voters, presumably the ones who denied him victory, is an obvious manifestation of his supreme hatred and contempt toward those who don’t see things his way. However, I actually welcome Mr. Messano's return to WB. I actually agree with some of things he says, and he has just as much right to express himself as anyone else here does.


Ryan Messano Added Nov 24, 2018 - 11:52am
Porn ought to be banned, and it makes me delighted that I never spent a cent on anything the debauched Larry Flynt had to sell.  Of course, the libertines in porn gleefully attack all who oppose their filth, and it fills them with joy to note the moral failings of their opponents, though they don’t realize redemption means freedom from the slavery of sin, and it’s consequences.  The slaves of Satan delight in company.  
Yes, I did receive 3,200 votes, which is quite a bit considering I spent only $500.  I didn’t place one sign out, and didn’t mail one mailer.  I wasn’t endorsed by one Democrat, or their clubs.
  I ran on principles alone, and only knocked on 1,000 doors of one of Vallejo’s 31 precincts.   Next time I’ll knock on all 31. I spent $.16
a vote which was quite a bargain.  It was very encouraging that 3,200 citizens right next to San Fransicko believe in Conservative, Constitutional Christianity in politics.
There were 8 candidates.  It’s interesting to note, that in the last off-presidential (presidential elections tend to get more turnout) School Board race in Vallejo, in 2014, the leader got 8,000
votes, yet this year, the leader got nearly double, 15,000.  Why?  Well, the unions and other Democrat entities were motivated to ensure a conservative like me didn’t interfere with their profitable sponging off the school system, and the naive and gullible voters were suckered into voting for the very policies that lead to 70% of 12th graders in Vallejo graduating without being able to do math or English at the 12th grade level.
In addition, in 2011, there were 14,000 students and 80,000 expulsions, referrals, and suspensions, an average of five incidents per child.  The same problem exists today, though the schools have shrunk to 12,000 students, because Obama’s crazy Restorative Justice initiative lets kids get off from punishment for legitimate bad behavior, if they happen to be black or Latino, becuz slavery.  God help the white teacher who happens to discipline blacks or Latinos more than whites, as that is clear evidence of ‘Muh racism’ according to the morally bankrupt NAACP , ACLU, and the SPLC.
However, my beautiful website, had 66,000 views as calculated in about three months!  I’m not worried about losing, as the only reason I lost is the same as why we have liberals and RINOS on WB, we have many who never bothered learning about the Constitution, virtue, or the Founders, but are inundated with disinformation from the liberal media, schools, Google, and tech companies.
The winner of the contest got 15,000 votes, and is a full blown sodomite.  He reached out to me for lunch about three years ago, but we never could coordinate, as I wanted to reason with him in private before unloading on homosexuality in public, as I’m about to do.  Should be controversial, story of my life.  He’s pushing SB 48, which seeks to indoctrinate kids into homosexuality.  Over my dead body will that be peacefully accepted, and most of Vallejo’s parents agree with me.  We are the most diverse city in America, and minority parents aren’t down with their children being taught sodomy values.
Stand by for a clash of values.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 24, 2018 - 11:58am
If you are not the lead dog on the sled your view never changes. Ryan has been sniffing ass for a long time apparently
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:05pm
@ Ryan - I heard you were running, and of course had to check on the results. I gotta hand it to you Ryan, you're clearly on a mission, lol. I kind of expected your return to WB, and you didn't disappoint! LOL
Personally, unlike others here, I don't think you'll go postal, but someone may go postal on you. Watch out there, dude. Some of those fags make Arnold Schwarzeneggar look like Pee-Wee Herman, lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:07pm
I was always impressed with Mr. Flynt’s tireless war against the city of Cincinnati, a place truly where, as he put it, “free thought comes to die”
Liberal1 Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:15pm
I think that Ryan comes from the same place as the Zodiac Killer pretty much says it all.  
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:16pm
Yeah, Flynt's a tough motherfucker for sure. My favorite stunt of his was when he was fined $10,000 a day for withholding a tape, and paid the fines with $1 bills, all delivered by his "girls". I also liked his regular $1 million offers to women like Princess Di and Barbara Mandrell to pose in full "spread", lol.
John Minehan Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:17pm
Probably a bit off point, but Education is a very important issue.
I did some work on an Education Law issue over the summer and, although that case went well, it left me wondering how much thought governments at all levels are putting into this.
I worked on a campaign for Mayor in Albany, NY back in '09 and a big part of the candidate's platform was that the Mayor should be an ex officio member of the school board, as his assessor figures out how much "blood is in the stone."
The Paulists (Ron Paul people) I know are trying to seek local office to change things at the grassroots, but I think they somewhat turn their collective noses up at school boards. 
Too bad, it is probably both "low hanging fruit" and something that would be very beneficial.
Probably off point and too serious, but it is one of the big issues..  
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:19pm
@ L1 - That's right, huh! I almost forgot about that! Vallejo and Benicia as well as SF proper. A master criminal in that he was never caught. Personally, I think the Zodiac was some fucked-up military dude, but he wasn't a religious fanatic that I know of.
Ryan Messano Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:35pm
Yes, I highly commend you Michael.   Michka and others screamed and shouted about me running for school board, but you see not one of them remembered and checked on the results.  You alone did.  I purposely didn’t mention the results, not because I was ashamed, but because the liberals would have to be educated on what the results meant, and that’s pretty exhausting, and when it comes to Travil, Flying J, Michka, and Bill H., nearly impossible.  
Liberals always project, they never seem to understand that shooter lunatics are never NRA members or conservative and are nearly always Democrats.  
You are right, I have to be wary.  I got myself a nice, beautiful Glock.  Those who threaten my First Amendment right with Force, will be introduced to my Second Amendment friend:). When I announced that I got  gun at a city council meeting, it caused no small consternation among the liberals, and, suddenly, two armed police officers began attending council meetings for the first time in history.
Also, the homosexuals cleared out.  Apparently the sight of me triggers their PTSD something fierce.  The Fear of God tends to do that.
The righteous are as bold as a lion but the wicked flee when no man pursues.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:36pm
@ John M. - I know several teachers, and they routinely complain about the total anarchy that classrooms have become. All of the money and the most talented politicians in the world aren't going to fix that any time soon. Nothing has changed since Blackboard Jungle, lol.
The recent election was very easy for me - anyone who I felt was a career politician got a big, fat NO. Not like I'm for change merely for the sake of it, but the entrenched elements are getting a little too comfy for my liking. We also need to have less geriatrics in office. Just because someone does something for a long time doesn't necessarily mean they're any good at it.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:40pm
And that is certainly true with career politicians
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 24, 2018 - 12:41pm
Time to cue up the old I-95 song :)
Leroy Added Nov 24, 2018 - 1:52pm
Damn!  I lost another one.  I saw that title and assumed I would be the star.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 2:07pm
@ Leroy - Well, there's always another time, by another person, lol! I would LOVE to have a different WBer doing a different AOTM (Asshole of the Month) every month, I think it would be good. They could pick ANYBODY.
Several years ago, I had something similar going on another site, but the AOTM would be shot to pieces, or at least a picture of them. I got spooked by several reports of the FBI and the Secret Service paying such people housecalls, and digging up something to prosecute them over. I'm not excessively shady, but that's definitely not the kind of attention I want, so I backed out of it.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 24, 2018 - 2:58pm
nice move on the avatar :) 
Doug Plumb Added Nov 24, 2018 - 3:05pm
I don't think that the idea of free speech includes pornography, as it is well known to be harmful.
Free speech applies to the politic and political ideas. Other than that it doesn't exist - there are courts to deal with these issues.
Flying Junior Added Nov 24, 2018 - 4:04pm
Well Douggie,
Maybe you agree that political contributions are not protected by the First Amendment.  But if you stretch the definition of money talks...
And I hope that you might agree that First Amendment protections only apply individuals, not corporations despite what Mitt Romney and Citizens vs. the Federal Election Committee tell us.
Maybe pornography is more about freedom of expression.  lolz

Ryan Messano Added Nov 24, 2018 - 4:05pm
Amen, Doug.
Porn is wiping out demography which is our destiny.
Free speech was created by and for religious and moral people.
Wisdom and virtue condemn porn and are necessary for liberty.  As porn grows, we increasingly are enslaved.  On Tuesday, there will be a motion to restrict ‘disorderly’ speech at City Council Meetings.  This is a clever ruse to silence me from criticizing homosexuality and marijuana.  If they pass this, I’ll be in jail in a month.
Liberal1 Added Nov 24, 2018 - 4:11pm
"Free speech applies to the politic and political ideas. Other than that it doesn't exist -"
Doug Plumb, I just checked my copy of the Constitution and I couldn't find that limitation.  
Either I have an incorrect copy or you not only are full of beans, but might be a runner up for AotM.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 24, 2018 - 4:46pm
Yes, my candidates for December are already pretty much lined up, unless someone else beats me to them, lol. Doug Plumb, you are definitely a weird-ass motherfucker and a dilrod, but being a Canadian, that's pretty much par for the course, lol. Another fucking foreigner weighing in.
James Travil Added Nov 24, 2018 - 5:16pm
Excellent choice for AotM. And I concur with the nomination for Doug Plumb for next month! 
Jeffry Gilbert Added Nov 24, 2018 - 7:13pm
I'm going to be walking around chuckling to myself all day over your article and some of the comments Michael. 
John Minehan Added Nov 24, 2018 - 8:46pm
"Nothing has changed since Blackboard Jungle, lol."
Good movie, also.
George N Romey Added Nov 24, 2018 - 8:49pm
The fact you said porn has sent Mess off the rails. Now if you had said gay porn he would have ejaculated in his underwear. 
Ryan Messano Added Nov 24, 2018 - 9:44pm
George you have a filthy mind, that’s the root of your problem, I’d shudder to think what you have no problem saying.
Ryan Messano Added Nov 24, 2018 - 9:56pm
Thank you, Mogg,
We have very similar views on far more than we differ upon.  Also, you have no reservations in defending your ideas strongly, and courage is the first virtue, that makes the others possible.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:00am
Well shark boy you have placed yourself in strong contention for the next Asshole of the fact I demand a recount for this month's award!
To identify a democrat, demonstrates a deliberate ignorance and separation from reality to a magnitude not seen since...uh......since the Reverend!
I refer back to my comments in another recent and brilliant Michael B piece, fuck you and fuck your white horse. Both with a rusty chainsaw
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:23am
Michael I remember the original feature had the offending party's photo ensconced in the position of a donkey's asshole with his hairy beanbag descending below the image. Should be quite easy to find that template and insert the good Reverend's avatar.
Mircea Negres Added Nov 25, 2018 - 5:38am
Effing good one, Michael! Thumbs way up for a well written article. Got my vote and gonna hit the "Like" button round about... Now. Okay, so it took three seconds to scroll up, but I pushed the button. :-))
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 5:47am
Shark boy if you had any honest curiosity (I suspect you do not) and you were able to read at better than a fourth grade level (again I suspect not) you would not be confused about any of those matters. You're only bolstering your chances for the next ballot :)
JC Teecher Added Nov 25, 2018 - 6:17am
I thank you for being courageous among the heathen!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:01am
@ James T. - Why thank you! There have been so many candidates in such a short period of time that I probably have to change the format already. "Cum Stain of the Week" is leading the pack so far, lol.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:02am
@ Captain Gilbert - Glad I was able to add a chuckle to your day, lol.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:04am
@ Fogg Turd - As usual, you demonstrate what a clueless, twisted, evil asshole you are....or should I say...Cum Stain? Normally I'd delete such dogshit; your comments are like dogshit in that they both look and smell like...dogshit. When I see dogshit, I don't study it; I do something about the fucking dog and/or its dumbass owner. However, I'll leave your incoherent screeds up for all to see what a consummate fascist dickhead you are, not to mention a pea-brained idiot; geezus did a very bad job wiring your alligator mouth to your hummingbird ass.
"Religion is good for good people, and bad for bad people." You're a very bad, bad creature.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:05am
@ George R. - LOL, he DID say he was going back into the Navy, heh heh!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:05am
@ TBH - "Michael I remember the original feature had the offending party's photo ensconced in the position of a donkey's asshole with his hairy beanbag descending below the image. Should be quite easy to find that template and insert the good Reverend's avatar." you said before, the absolutely worse things come out of california, so I'll have to live up to that, huh? I'm going to have to get creative, because that's actually one of the few things here that AC outright bans - porn, or any sexually-explicit images.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:07am
@ Mircea - Thanks, dude! Yeah, I think I'll do hit posts for a while, as the holidays are coming around, and I have to remind certain people what truly rotten, horrible, atrocious, sleazy, scummy, slimy, despicable and disgusting creatures they truly, truly are.
"We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene!"
Colonel Walter Kurtz, Apocalypse Now
Mircea, I wish you could emigrate to the States; I'd rather have one of you than a million of the others any fucking day of the week.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:07am
@ JC T - You could be saying that to anyone here, lol.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 8:11am
@ John M. - "My name is Mr. Dadier." Class: "Daddio!" Yeah, Blackboard Jungle was a good one.
Liberal1 Added Nov 25, 2018 - 9:08am
I don't really care to see some donkey's hair bag and cum stain is a bit over the top IMO.  If I were doing it I'd use the perennial favorite, the "Get a brain, MORAN!".
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:11am
@ L1 - Unfortunately for you, you have no say-so, however, if it makes you feel any better, whatever I choose won't be my avatar, lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:16am
we are nigh on that 12th month....perhaps we should be tabling nominations for asshole of the year?
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:27am
@ TBH - So many to choose from, and so little time! I have pretty solid ideas for that one. So far, the winner is...AC!!! LOL
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:42am
fools rush in where angels fear to tread,eh?
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:44am
I'm certain I could garner a few nominations. Most of the people who would assign the tag are the sorts from whom I would accept as a badge of honor :)
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:51am
@ TBH - Actually, willful ignorance, excessive stupidity, and unbridled arrogance are among the main criteria, and I don't see you making much of a showing in any of those fields, my Fuckeye, I mean, Buckeye friend, lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:58am
Well if that is the criteria I guess that broadens the field. I still say the Rev is top contender.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 11:59am
I was pleased to see the humiliation of the U of Mucus yesterday, but the rivalry is a perfect state of dynamism: Michigan sucks and Ohio blows
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:02pm
@ TBH - The ENTIRE Midwest sucks and blows, lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:07pm
they say the same about Cali, but rumor has it that Cali swallows
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:08pm
Everybody gotta live someplace :)
Stone-Eater Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:09pm
Hm....Midwest….frankly, the States I liked most were California, Oregon, Washington and Maine. The stuff in between no thanks LOL
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:16pm
Normally, for Asshole of the Year, I'd have to toss a coin between Messano and Michka, but they're both so entertaining, like watching Godzilla and King Ghidorah, lol.
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 12:59pm
@ TBH - By the way, if you're going to insult CA, you might as well do it correctly. CA sucks, bites, blows, swallows, licks, rims, takes it and gives it up the ass, with and without a strap-on, which may or may not have dinosaur-like spikes and petals profusely protruding, lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 1:16pm
A veritable den of iniquity! You should be leading the parade!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 1:22pm
@ TBH - It should say a lot that I'm too straight to live here, lol. Fuck parades, too! Animal House permanently altered my attitude towards them! "Thank you, God!" Hhahahaahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 1:38pm
You mentioned Michka and I will go on record here. He and I clearly have differences on things, but I do not consider him a viable candidate for asshole of the month, year or otherwise. Jeff is just a curmudgeon, IMO....he's snarky,yes, and quite often doesn't have relevant point to contribute, but he is not a demagogue. Not in the same league with the Rev. There are, however, some of the Captain's gallery of FNGs who are moving up fast in the Anal 500 :)
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 1:56pm
@ TBH - For Asshole of the Year, I guess we'll have to take it to a vote then. December draws nearer and nearer. I would consider it to be a pointed insult if I wasn't a candidate for AOTY...or should it be AotY? Ya' always gotta be on the lookout for them thar spellin' an' gramma nazis lol.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:02pm
Yup. Theyz the wust :)
George N Romey Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:05pm
I agree Mika and Mess are like bookend assholes. One on each side.
Leroy Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:09pm
If Marilyn returned, she would be a shoo-in for AotY.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:12pm
oh yes, she was a delight
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:12pm
and Erazmaputz....Chris Crawford
Liberal1 Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:18pm
"For Asshole of the Year, I guess we'll have to take it to a vote then."
If there is to be a vote, I must insist that to vote you can only be a homophobic, misogynistic, white, male, Christian, landowner who hates Democrats, supports Trump and thinks America is going to hell in a hand basket if we don't stop the caravan at the border by shooting them all.   That way only two people will qualify to vote because the rest of us a Godless commies who don't revere the Founders.
Lindsay Rip Van Wheeler and The Cowardly Ryan can vote for each other and share the crown as Republican Jesus intended!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:27pm
@ Leroy - She would definitely be a front runner! Gawd, I miss her!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:27pm
@ George R. - Funny, I was thinking the same thing, lol!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:29pm
@ L1 - Good one! I cannot improve upon or add to that set of criteria, LOOOOOL!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 25, 2018 - 2:36pm
Catch you characters later, have a great day!
Doug Plumb Added Nov 25, 2018 - 3:14pm
re "restrict ‘disorderly’ speech at City Council Meetings"
Wow. Is that your words or theirs? Bastards will just start screaming at you and you will be shut up from their disorderly conduct.
re "Doug Plumb, I just checked my copy of the Constitution and I couldn't find that limitation."
If go around saying some things you can be sued and no, the constitution doesn't tell you that.
Ryan deserves a lot of credit for doing what he is doing, more need to do the same, I have and have faced the ridicule.
Logical Man Added Nov 25, 2018 - 4:52pm
Well deserved, I would think, Doug.
Liberal1 Added Nov 25, 2018 - 7:06pm
"Michael B., should you say, asshole or cum stain, I leave it to your greater experience with the two in proximity, as with incoherent screeds."
Yes, folks...  it's 4th and goal with mere seconds left in the Asshole of the Year game and Mogg Tsur is going for it! 
~~ 15 minutes of motivational Republican party commercials  sponsored by the Kochs Brothers & Sheldon Adelson ~~
We'll have to wait and see how the refs call it, folks, but it appears, to this commentator anyways, that he may have just earned himself a play-off berth!
Stone-Eater Added Nov 26, 2018 - 2:54am
I go along with Liberal. Loudmouth newbies and false priests are high on the list, and there's a few....
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 26, 2018 - 8:58am
Dayyyyyum, so many candidates at one fell swoop! LOOOL! Stone, you're also a candidate, hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 26, 2018 - 9:31pm
Well, I think I just opened up the field with my latest post.
Stone-Eater Added Nov 27, 2018 - 5:52am
Quel honneur :). I would propose Leecher. Two days here and already insulting people. ONLY in America LOL
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 27, 2018 - 11:19am
how about one about bad liberals?
not enough paper or server space in this solar system
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 30, 2018 - 3:13am
I'm now convinced that TBH is...Marylin French.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 30, 2018 - 11:01am
I have “frenched” a few Marilyns in my day, but alas no, my vulgar friend. Not even a nom de guerre.
the French they are a funny race, wine with their feet and babies with their face
Mr. Vengeance Added Nov 30, 2018 - 12:13pm
Whatever you say...Marylin!
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 30, 2018 - 8:15pm
Ever tried a three headed dildo?
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 1:17am
 Just to let you all know that I used to be 
Vice President of  Assholes of America Association (AAA)
 The president is by brother inlaw Leroy. But I gotta tell ya, dealing with him at times can be a little difficult.
Boy can he be an asshole.
Mr. Vengeance Added Dec 1, 2018 - 3:17am
@ TBH - Named Marylin? LOL
Mr. Vengeance Added Dec 1, 2018 - 3:18am
@ Mustafa - Vice President? Welcome to the chamber of Emperor-Pharoah-God-King Assholes, lol.
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 10:46am
Micheal B., thinking back to the glory days of the formation of that eminent association, it was around a campfire in new mexico in 1987 with alot of alcohol and singing.  I cant help but wonder if we would have  felt the need to put you in a similar exalted position,  maybe Cthulhu Asshole. However, there is also the distinct possibility the president might have instead chosen to put a bullet into you. He may be an asshole, but he is not that tolerant. 
The Burghal Hidage Added Dec 1, 2018 - 4:37pm
Cthulhu? Whats that , like the Uber Ultra Alpha Asshole ( pronounced Ooh-ahh )
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 8:23pm
"Cthulhu?  Whats that"
Im a little surprised for such an erudite character as yourself. 
H. P. Lovecraft
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 8:26pm
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 8:30pm
Sunshine, the sixth line of my previous post was about traveling in a VW camper.
 Cthulhu was not with my family on that trip.
Mr. Vengeance Added Dec 1, 2018 - 8:57pm
@ Mustafa - I didn't realize that you ran with such a tough gang. I also know people who would kill others merely for how they look, not to mention act.
Cthulhu - That sounds like the name of an obscure lesbian cult found somewhere in the Siwa Oasis.
Also, I think ScumSlime Kid was referring to me in the sixth line..."president might have instead chosen to put a bullet into you." LOOOOL
Mustafa Kemal Added Dec 1, 2018 - 9:50pm
Michael B.
I know its hard to believe, me being so civilized and all, but i did.
Being a gringo in Chimayo new mexico in the 80s was an adventure;  I once went to a batchelor party with a walther pp in my pocket because my wife's exhusband threatened to kill me. Us being at the party together, with all knowing what was going on made for an amusing night. During the evening of music and drink  they brought a sheep into the party. one of the fathers in law took of his boots and put them on the sheep, then the other father in law put his boots on the sheep.
They put the groom on a collar and leash and led him around. So there I am standing amongst a bunch of spanish speaking roughians,  a sheep in boots, drinking beer and whiskey and singing songs keeping an eye on things. What fun, that was until the wives arrived. 
Just to let you know, Assholes, Alcohol and Firearms are a sort of combustible mixture. 
I have never heard of Cthulhu at the Siwa oasis, but I wouldnt put it past him. From what i hear, he likes a good party as well. I will ask my Egyptian friend.