Living expenses for lawmakers - a hoax?

Congress is thinking of building dormitories for their members.  Sounds good, right?

Well, here is my take on the situation:  In the past, some members have introduced legislation to ban members of Congress from sleeping in their offices.  They actually stated no reason for the ban, other than "propriety".  Then they wanted to grant them tax deductions for living expenses (which no one else who works in the private sector gets) while Congress is in session.

I could see this now:  Later, after all the media attention goes away, they vote the tax deductions for living expenses to be PERMANENT, another 'perk' for being in office.

Another Congressman had suggested that lawmakers received $2,500 per month on top of their $174,000 annual income.  Nice, huh?

Here is the main thing that annoys me:  It seems that most of the lawmakers are major liars.  Remember Hillary Clinton claiming that she and her husband were "dead broke" when they left the office?  Yet they had not one, but THREE million dollar properties of their own.  And they took some furniture and silverware with them when they left office.  Of course, most don't remember that, or the fact that every keyboard was found to be missing keys that matched the incoming President's initials.  On top of that, they paid how much for Chelsea's wedding?


The current heartthrob of the liberals is the bar girl turned politician, who claims that she won't have any money to rent a place to stay until January.  And then came out information that she had several thousand dollars in the bank that could well cover any living expenses until she took her seat.  Then, she claimed that the reason that she got elected is because she wore her shoes out, getting her feet wet, knocking on doors.  Strange - every picture I saw of her, she had very expensive shoes and outfits on, some estimated to be in the 'thousand dollar' range.  Poor child had to "work" for votes, it seems.  And those expensive shoes must be a bear to replace.

Don't you just LOVE liars?