Intersectionality and Victimhood Olympics Should have a National Dimension

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When the US pulled out of the UN Human Rights Council, ZEIT online ran a plethora of articles condemning the move. It was not enough to explain the reasoning and the alleged (and in fact true) Israel obsession of the council. No, they ran articles to emphasize that Israel approved of the move. It was red meat for their left-wing audience.


In the original article that was about the decision itself one Jew dared to leave a comment. She goes by the user name Charlotte van H. and is of both Dutch and Austrian descent. Her remark was short and included, “I’m Jewish and naturally happy about the friendly gesture.” After a string of censored response comments (including one of hers) one user quotes her with “Jews are a people”. He then goes on to ask her, if Judaism wasn’t just a religion, but a people, where would her loyalties be. One should know that in the past antisemitism was often built on questioning Jewish loyalties.


Somehow this is not asked other identity groups as much. Why, for example, would the fact that Catholicism is a religion mean that the loyalties are with the nation and not with other Catholics? If the War of Thirty Years shows us something, then it is that loyalties can be built on many identities and people change them as they see the overall behavior of their groups change. Every person has a variety of identities that can give rise to a variety of loyalties. So despite the history of the question, I want to emphasize that this is fair to ask.

User Alexander Phllipp prides himself as a Christian who only sees churches when he attends weddings. He says that to declare something as “my people” was “nationalist.” And this is what he has to say about Judaism.

The ideology of Judaism was/is zionism. In its actions it is not less protectoratic than the US administration [note: The original “protektoratisch” isn’t a real word either; don’t know the meaning]. I rather stick to a moral that is easier: Every life matters be it Israeli or Palestinian. Intellectuals like Albert Einstein stood clear of zionism because he experienced what happens when people declare who is of their blood and who isn’t.

Of course, that’s garbage. User NochNeMeinung got censored at his first attempt for being ‘polemic’. Then he writes:

It isn’t polemic when I say that there is a Jewish religion, but not a Jewish people outside Israel. A definition as a people resembles the ideology of the Nazis.

Interesting here is that the nation [only Israel] is seen as a legitimate source for defining a people. Because the Bible is a Nazi book and Judaism is an invention of Adolf Hitler’s, user U. Witt suspects that Judaism is used to shift the public debate.

Look at her comment history. It makes clear that she uses her supposed “Judaism” for a certain political agenda.

User Jimmy III questions that she should have any loyalty to other Jews at all. He quotes her first.

“Already because of the fate of my Dutch family during the German occupation in these unhappy times, I feel a duty to show fealty to my Jewish people.” Why?

I cannot even say how stupid this question is. This utter lack of knowledge of and interest in the history of the Third Reich comes with a backdrop of everybody learning more and more about Islam so as not to offend Muslims. Germans also bow over backwards to look into the black slave trade, the native American grievances and we are lectured about skin color all day long. Everybody except for white people is getting special protections. Even gays who have been discriminated against until fairly recently are demoted. If I can agree on walking on eggshells for any group, it would be only for the gays – and only to some degree. Nobody would ask a Muslim, an Arab, a black person or an East Asian to give up his loyalties. If these Turkish German soccer players who see Erdogan as “their president” would at least sing the German anthem and show that they like Germans, one could deal with their Turkish identities. But they have sole fealties to non-German identities and are not asked to give them up.


This isn’t even about actual victimhood. Colored people outnumber whites and their propaganda funds out-finance white people’s propaganda efforts.

It is now convenient to call Ashkenazi Jews white people. And true, identifying as many things, white Jews also identify as white. However, victimhood has become a strange bargain chip recently and I must ask how Jews have come to get none of them. Antisemitism is only charged when it is politically convenient for the left. I also cannot help but notice the hostile undertones when somebody declares that Judaism is an ideology and he has higher morals instead. Tell a Muslim that you have higher morals instead, if you dare!


And I must reflect the Goddess’ words. Ann Coulter knocks down racism allegations with the assertion that the US only owes something to black Americans. I find that fair enough. America has some history of antisemitism, but the country has tackled it effectively and today’s activist groups make a fool of themselves sheltering Jews from criticism. Nobody buys that elites from Chuck Schumer to Mark Zuckerberg are threatened or oppressed. If I can agree that one should not make too much fuzz over antisemitism in the US, how is it that I must entertain the lecturing from blacks and Muslims in Germany?


How is it that we get informed about Muslim traditions and habits, about the micro aggression woes of East Asians (silly enough), and about the short-lived colonialism that had only few German families involved, while Germans feel they owe absolutely nothing to Jews? They don’t even know anything about Jews and think it is only a religion. And given that “oppression” is a bargain chip why don’t we talk more about the enslavement and colonisation of whites by Muslims in Sicily, the Ottoman empire, and the Iberian peninsula?


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Dino Manalis Added Nov 27, 2018 - 3:04pm
 Critique of Israel's policies is acceptable, but anti-Semitism is wrong and inhumane.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 27, 2018 - 4:33pm
Sorry, Mogg. I'm German. That article is less than half an ordinary sentence here. ;-)
Johnny Fever Added Nov 27, 2018 - 6:13pm
I agree with Mogg, that title is a train wreck and it’s not just because of its length.  The reason Germans feel they owe nothing to the Jews is because there is a lot of anti-Semitism in Germany.  It’s the same reason America withdrew from an anti-Semitic entity such as the UN Human Rights council. 
Thomas Napers Added Nov 28, 2018 - 1:57am
Excellent article.  Don't let all these professional cynics get you down.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 28, 2018 - 11:50am
Thank you Thomas, that is very kind of you.
Ward Tipton Added Nov 30, 2018 - 10:37am
I generally enjoy the writings of the author. However, in regards to cynicism, the problem is not being wrong, as it rarely happens and when it does, it is always a pleasant surprise. Rather, the bad thing about being cynical is being correct so bloody often! 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 30, 2018 - 5:55pm
Ward, I agree. ;-)

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