Gun control legislation and historical facts ignored

Do gun laws stop crime?

The liberal narrative is that anyone who has a gun is a potential mass killer has just been upended by the latest data release.

Several states have reversed their stance on gun registration, and now allow permit-less (no permit required) to carry firearms concealed.  Those states are:

New Hampshire
North Dakota
West Virginia

FBI statistics show that murders with handguns decreased once the requirement for a permit was abolished.

Surprised?  Don't be.

Consider the mind of a criminal:  If you have no protection, you are "prey", and they will take from you whatever they want.  Moreover, if the incidence of gun carrying citizens are a very small minority, the chances of a criminal getting stopped by a gun carrying citizen goes way up, and criminals always look for the easy target.  After all, how many criminals have tried to cause trouble at any gun show?

Yep, that's right:  Zero, none, nada.

In just one year, Mississippi (in 2015) had 253 murders the first year that permit-less carry was authorized.  A year later, that dropped to 238.  Not a lot, but then again, criminals take awhile to learn the dangers of their trade.  As time goes on, the numbers should continue to decline.  They will never stop, of course, unless the criminals are killed by their own violence.  And a dead criminal certainly cannot continue to rob and kill innocent victims, now can he?

Consider also the historical low instances of gun incidents in states that have always been open carry, and well known that some citizens also carried concealed:  In comparisons to heavily regulated cities and states, there has been historically low incidents of gun crimes in non-regulated gun ownership and carry.  Mass shooting always seem to happen at where guns are not allowed:  Schools, theaters, restaurants, etc.


Safe spaces and gun-free zones obviously don't work.

Still don't get it?  The fact of the matter is that the majority of citizens are not criminals, but if they are disarmed, the criminals are more inclined to be criminals.  And where mass shootings start, they'd be short lived if the victims were armed.  Throwing an object at a gun wielder is about as effective as bring a knife to a gun fight.  In fact, I'd guarantee that it would be far less effective than having a gun in a gun fight.