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I don't know what happens here anymore. Looks like there's an invasion of US one-way-minds aka. trolls lately. Contrary to Russian or Chinese or whatever trolls WB is being infected by narrow-minded idiots who haven't read news or went to school somewhere to unlearn their "Communist" fantasies. McCarthy was in the 1950's, so I assume the writers and commenters here who so feverously defend their neoliberalism against "Communists" might be about 110 years old :-)


Or they stupidly repeat what their parents told them back then. I mean, hey, today is 2018. Everybody should have figured by now that these slogans and keywords are NOT what really matters. They are a distraction from what really happens behind the scenes. What that is, or could be, is not clear yet, but it tends to the NWO, seeing the drive for all-over surveillance and the tendency to "unite" whole areas of the planet - it started with the EU.


I really don't understand how people in 2018 can be so stubborn and ignorant that they still live mentally in the 20th century or even before that. Reminds me of fanatical Muslims of the Wahhabia tribe (:-) which would prefer to be beamed back to the 7th century AD.


Scotty, where are you, help !


So please, try to arrive in TODAY. Ask yourself: Do I really understand what I'm talking about ?


And then you might be in for a surprise :-)

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