Stop legal immigration yesterday

Mass nonwhite immigration turned California, the birthplace of the conservative movement, overwhelmingly Democrat - essentially a one-party state. Georgia, Maryland and Texas seem not far short of the racial tipping point. Nonwhite immigration is a Democrat voter importation project. As the mass nonwhite immigration continues, one-by-one congressional districts (like the one that used to be safe for Gingrich, but was just won by a Democrat thanks to racial transformation) and state legislatures that were GOP will be switched to the Democrats. Enough of this and the Democrats will inhabit enough congressional seats, and hold the majority in enough state legislatures, to have the votes necessary to repeal the Second Amendment. They'll do it.


With every passing year it moves closer to possibility, thanks to the continuing racial transformation of the US from white to nonwhite. This racial transformation has been, and still is, being accomplished by the twin engines of the collapsed white birthrate and mass nonwhite immigration.


After repeal, will they provoke a violent reaction by going out to confiscate all guns? I doubt it. One of your grandchildren will be at home one night with his wife and children. A negro or hispanic will break in. Your grandson will shoot the intruder dead. And then the law will come down on his head like a ton of bricks for having illegally owned and possessed a gun, and for having killed someone with it. THAT is what is coming.


You see, immigration is the issue that will decide all other issues. Write to Trump and tell him to completely stop legal immigration yesterday.


Gerrilea Added Dec 6, 2018 - 12:43pm
Is this garbage even worth responding to? 
The "author" conflates illegal immigration to amending the constitution to repeal the 2nd Amendment and presents a fictitious scenario that could happen.
Sorry sonny, you need to understand if they repeal the 2nd A, it would, at that moment, DENY our government any of the perceived authority they have tried to assume.  The semantics they play with the "well regulated" has completely changed the actual understanding and meaning of said phrase. 
It meant, at the time of the 2nd A's ratification, "in good/proper (working) order".  The government could ensure that citizen knew how to use the arms they possessed and were ready to defend this nation when called up to do so.
Now, as for your fictitious scenario, that ISN'T fiction.  In places like NYS they will arrest you for defending yourself.  That is why many States started to pass laws like "Stand Your Ground".
They've been trying to implement here the same absurd mindset in the UK and Europe where they have a duty to retreat.  WE NEVER DID.  They wrap it slogans like, "It's only property" and "A life isn't worth a TV!"
All bullshit.
A legitimate question would be, how many of those illegal aliens are fleeing nations where firearm ownership is all but banned? AND would they agree to change our nation into the one they left behind?
Maybe, if you promise them enough free stuff!  OH wait, we do!
Gerrilea Added Dec 6, 2018 - 2:29pm
Sunshine K--- Did you read to the last few lines???
Here let me repeat it:
AND would they agree to change our nation into the one they left behind?
Maybe, if you promise them enough free stuff!  OH wait, we do!
While I don't believe the 2nd A is in danger, not for at least another 100 yrs...other things are.  Hell, I've had quite a few customers from Florida (with Florida licenses) whom couldn't and wouldn't speak English AND had the audacity to act offended when I told them I didn't speak Spanish.  They have no desire to matriculate and become an American.  If you don't want to become an American, why the fuck did you come here.
Further, you know what drives me crazy?  Their claims this was their land first.  ROFL.. The Spanish invaded and killed the majority of the natives that lived there and the ones that remained were assimilated into a Spanish culture, mores and language.   The same stuff Americans did here. The American/Mexican War wasn't fought against true Mexicans but the Spanish descendants living there.
"...the conquistadores lay the Aztec empire to waste, erasing the remnants of the culture as best they could, scorching Tenochtitlán by fire, leveling its majestic temples. The rubble would make up the foundations of a new world, the cradle of a brand new people."
Ryan Messano Added Dec 6, 2018 - 3:11pm
I agree legal immigration needs to be curtailed to ensure assimilation, but it has nothing to do with race.  All races are capable of achieving anything they set out to do.
Leroy Added Dec 6, 2018 - 4:42pm
I hear today that a woman who was featured on the news as part of the caravan and who was eight months pregnant illegally entered the US with her husband and two-year-old child and immediately popped out a baby.  No doubt I paid for the birth.  That's a good half-million of benefits by the time her kids graduate from high school, that is if she doesn't pop out more.
According to a new study, 63% of non-citizens are on welfare.  If they have been here less than ten years, it is more like 50%.  If they have been here for more than ten years, it is 70%.  In California, the rate is about 70%.  What we need are immigrant who can pay for our generous retirements.  Instead, we get a permanent welfare class to whom we must give up our own benefits to support them.
By the time we awake from our slumber, it will be too late. 
I might be more inclined to accept open borders if they weren't allowed to take jobs away from citizens and didn't receive welfare.
Leroy Added Dec 6, 2018 - 6:26pm
"I'm not in favor of open borders at all."
I used to be for open borders.  You can't have true capitalism without the free movement of capital and labor.  But it isn't capitalism either when I am forced to pay for someone else's existence.  When the same labor rules don't apply, they steal jobs from Americans.  I don't like to see our culture overrun either, but that would take care of itself if prevented them for working illegally and we ended welfare for illegal immigrants and limited it for immigrant here legally but are non-citizens.  There is something wrong when we allow immigrants to come work here and the companies don't pay them enough to avoid welfare.  I'm all for guess programs if done correctly.
David Montaigne Added Dec 7, 2018 - 7:19am
Immigration leads towards SOCIALISM and the destruction of NATIONS towards the GLOBALIST goal of a One World Government.  Globalists don't care about destroying what America was.  And what America is today (halfway destroyed already - go Democrats!) is completely unwilling to question whether anything about its past - the cultural expectations and other aspects that made it great - are worth protecting.  If current trends continue, America will eventually be bankrupted.  At that point either there will be a very bloody civil war in which producers annihilate the recipients of socialist benefits, or America will end up a Third World hellhole for many generations.  Either outcome is sad and could have been avoided if people would use their brains more than their feelings or their apathy.
ChetDude Added Dec 7, 2018 - 8:25pm
I'll respond to your click bait and the right-wing xenophobic sewer it generated:
There a still fairly large group in this country who righteously believes that immigration should have been halted in 1492.
Gerrilea Added Dec 12, 2018 - 9:53am
ChetDude--- Awe, we understand. There are people in Ireland that believe similar things, that immigration to their country has destroyed their own culture and identity.
Note that Google & Youtube have deemed the video "dangerous".