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In ancient times, when a state (like a city) found a hoard of invaders at its  wall/gate it had a few options.  Often the entire purpose of the wall and gates was so that they could withstand the siege.  Of course, that plan depended on 1) the quality of the wall/gate and 2) the control of subversives within the city who would open said gate.



Evil men throughout history have sought to extort such a bounty from victims through the contrivance of tribute.


♦ Romans (as their Empire deteriorated) paid barbarians to not attack Roman territory or citizens.  History shows us just how well that worked out in the long run.


♦ Muhammad (through Islam) called the practice "jizya".  It was/is little more than paying protection money to organized "religious" war lords. 


Historically, the US in its early days had to pay the Barbary pirates (Islam) not to seize American ships and crew in Mediterranean trade routes.  We did this... until... we managed to build a navy (which took decades) and then said, "no more".  The second line of "The Marines' Hymn" ("To the shores of Tripoli") refers to that great moment in history.


This (American finally dealing with the Barbary Mohammedans) was a perfect example of diplomacy.  Diplomacy being the art of saying "nice doggy" until you find a rock.


♦ If you think about it... President Barack Hussein Obama paid... tribute in the amount of $150 billion dollars, in cash to Iran.


♦ Recently and locally (to Texas), did you know the Woodlands (a community just north of Houston) pays tribute to Houston.  In return for cash, Houston agrees not to annex them.  $16 million dollars up front (back in 2007) and $45 million over 30 years.  What a bargain.


Of course, we could go on and on concerning this all so human practice of outright thievery by another name.



I've often said there is nothing new under the sun.  Humanity (on the whole) may change the means and nuances but we repeat our nature and history with regularity.


The US has seen in recent times an invasion fueled by corrupt oligarchy, militarizes, and crime syndicates to the south and corrupt politicians within our own borders (Republicans want cheap labor and Democrats new voters).


Now another wave of 5000+ people sit in Tijuana ready to breach our border; claiming rights, privileges, and debts… with no responsibilities.  Subversives have organized, guided and continue to support their efforts.  Subversives also use the our courts to ensure that if any invader succeeds in breaching the border the systems helps them stay and blend into the existing populace.  These subversives will do it again when these useful peasants are processed (one way or another).  Their goal is... a successful invasion and "fundamental change" of American culture and politics.


But back to the main topic… tribute.


Exposing the character of some within the "caravan"; a compromise was recently proposed by what I'm sure is one of several factions in "La Caravana".  The solution is simply stated by their demands in a petition delivered to the US consulate.


The US simply needs to pay tribute (some call it reparations) to every person in the caravan, THEN they, in return, will leave us in peace.  The price tag?  $50,000 per person.  The time frame?  We have 72 hours to comply (as of Monday 12/10).  There was no mention as to what happens if/when the time is up.


It's Our Fault:

"It may seem like a lot of money to you.  But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras." -- Spokesman Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa


You see.  It's our fault that Honduras is a shit hole of corruption and crime.  I'm sure the US is responsible for all shit holes in South America and elsewhere.


The problem with Honduras is that the rulers (oligarchy), military, and crime syndicates are intertwined... and the people are unarmed peasants.  It's kinda what happens when the power of self-determination (via a well-armed people's militia) is removed from the equation.  Tyrants the world over know this simple truth.


Now... if we, the US, literally disarmed the peasants... I would tend to agree with Mr. Ulloa.  And who knows what happened during various "Democratic" administrations.  But, short of that, you dumb-asses should have known better (and likely don’t even know better now).


We Could Fix It:

We (the US) could, at great expense, help the people of Honduras by removing all those bad elements; but then we'd be hated and denounced as imperialists.  (Note that that those demanding tribute also demanded that the U.S. remove Honduran President Orlando Hernandez from office.)


We (the US) could, at great expense, send more aid to Honduras; but then it would just be stolen by... the rulers, military and crime syndicates.


No... we (the US) cannot do for the Hondurans what they will not do for themselves... determine how they will be governed.  We could help in that regard, but the why?  Why waste the effort when the spark of self-determination is obviously not there? 


If Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa was a man… he would request help so that HE and fellow Hondurans could remove the Honduran dictator and the other elements that make his country a shit hole.  After that, He would ask for help in forming a government that protected life and liberty; not depend on us to do it for him...


What does this asshole request, no… demand, instead?  Tribute.  Reparations.


What You're Owed:

Instead we see the spark of "give me"... "you own me"...  "Pay us tribute and we will go away... until next time... when the price will double..."


To which I say... "Nice doggy."