DRAFT: Who Is This Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is the enigma of our times.  A man that has multiple times beat all the odds, all the naysayers, and all those that claim him to be a clueless, criminal buffoon.  Somehow he prevails, often to the chagrin and total amazement of his enemies.


Donald Trump may not be a deep thinker but never think he's dumb.  I laugh at the liberals that tout how important an "excellent education" is to molding the mind for great things.  The same liberals that claim Donald Trump to be an idiot and a totally loser.  Yet Donald Trump went to those same prestigious schools and was a very good student.  In fact a much better student than many of those questioning his intelligence.  So could it be that "education" isn't cracked up to be what the liberals claim and/OR maybe Donald Trump isn't so dumb.


Trump learned at an early age that success was for the taking if your adversaries underestimated you.  If your opponents discount you as an imbecile they're liable to walk away.  Ignore you, after all you couldn't possibly compete on their level.  Could you?  Second, Trump learned to have no true personal conviction. Go with whatever was blowing the wind.  Find a side and position that you can win with.  Latch onto what your followers deem sacred and paramount.  Become their savior and confidante.


Third, Trump learned to grow a very, very thick hide.  Criticism bounces off Trump like he's Teflon.  Caught doing or saying something immoral if not illegal just simply shrug your shoulders.  Or more importantly divert the attention elsewhere.  Suddenly you're all over media for talking about "grabbing pussy."  The Trump response?  Bring together the women that claimed they were raped by Bill Clinton, point and say "now that's the real crime."


For those mature and intelligent enough to detach feelings for Trump either way you find a fascinating individual.  One that despite short term failures is always wildly successful in the end.  His brand was in the toilet in the 1990s surrounded by charges of criminal behavior.  Yet the brand eventually went on to the rule the upper end hospitality and real estate industry.  He built one of the most successful television franchises.  Even those that never watched his showed knew the tag line "your fired."


Then the man does the utmost unthinkable and impossible.  He beats some of the best names in politics that have spent their entire lives working towards one goal-to become the President of the United States.  For Trump that goal was almost an afterthought.  Kinda of how one day a person picks up a golf club because watching those golfers that activity seemed interesting.  Despite every headwind imaginable the man picked them off one by one.  In the end he clearly knew where he needed to make his mark and he went after those states with frightening resolve and speed.  No candidate in our lifetime made that kind of commitment in time, money and energy to fight such an uphill battle.


The most integral part of a Trump administration is that no one knows where it's going from day to day.  He's totally unpredictable.  His motives seem fuzzy and he vacillates all over the place.  One day he seems to want to wage the neo con fight, the next day he's calling for a total withdrawal from the Middle East. He's totally unreadable.  He loves battles.  Its blood sport for him.  When Trump wins he's in his total element.  When he loses he just moves on without any need for reflection and insight.


Trump runs on true emotion, instinct, grit, determination and adulation.  He believes anything consideration of protocol, deep analysis, coordination, and consultation as a total waste of time.  Act now and quickly bury the failures for there will always be another battle.  He's like the warrior that just won't die no matter how brutal and bloody the conflict.


Ultimately whether this is a testament of an effective President has yet to be determined.  FDR had many Trump like qualities and many of the same charges were leveled at FDR.  Yet FDR remains one of the greats in US history.  A man for all his faults got this country through a very rough 12 year period in one piece.


Of course now we have all kinds of talk that Trump is done.  He will be impeached or be forced to resign. Or worse arrested and sentenced for crimes.  While I nor anyone cannot guarantee what might transpire over the next six to twelve months counting Trump down and out is a fool's errand.  This man is the true comeback kid.  He's been underestimated, put down and laughed at for most of his life yet he almost always gets the last laugh.  Not bad for a guy with strange hair, skin that seems non human like and often speaks in rambling pose.

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