DRAFT: The 5,000 year leap

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I recently had the marvelous opportunity to turn off data on my cell phone, and I did it, cutting my cell phone bill to $20 a month, from $70.  It was amazing.  And so,  it gave me the opportunity to return to my first love, which is reading.  I had just ordered a dozen books, and one looked quite promising, and so I eagerly settled down, and opened it up, to discover a new friend.  For you see, Dear Reader, after one reads a good book, one is never the same again.  The book was 'The 5,000 year leap', and I had had it recommended to me by a few people, and even by someone on here, after I bought it, and I disremember their name, please forgive me.  I want to say it was Thomas. 


The book told about how the Founders of America took 5,000 years of human history, the Bible, and Christianity, and distilled it into the Constitution.   It was astounding!  I've long spoke on these topics, but to see this book, which included 28 principles the Founders understood were essential to liberty, was illuminating.  The author, Mr. Skousen, was quite an interesting fellow himself.  He was highly praised by Ronald Reagan, was the father of 8 children, over 50 grandchildren, and over 120 great grandchildren.  He wrote over 30 books, selling over 30 million copies, was the Police Chief of Salt Lake City, and worked with J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI for nearly 16 years.  He was asked to write the Constitution of Canada, and a few South American nations asked him to write their Constitution too.  On the downside, he was a Mormon, which is a glorified cult, IMHO.  I purchased another of his books, where he began to detail Joseph Smith's prophecies and how they were coming to pass, and the book found it's way to the bottom of my trash can in quite a hurry, I can tell you that much. 


I think it's a shame that every American is not required to read this book in High School.  It's perfectly wretched that the ideas and words of the Founders are a veritable mystery to American school children who are supposed to be being taught history.  And so, the lamestream media and schools succeed in hiding our glorious heritage from the average American, making it easy to enslave them and introduce them to corrupting habits which enslave them as well. For people generally behave in exactly the proportion that they see themselves.  When they see themselves as great and allied with God, they act magnanimously and honorably, quite often.  When they see themselves as an animal, that there is no God, and that the fittest excel, they act dishonorably and their beastly instincts dominate.  We have demonstrations of this on WB all the time.  The left are full of profane, obscene lies, and for the most part, though we have a healthy contingent of pseudo-conservatives, the right avoids these.  Behavior tells a person's beliefs far better than their words, for as Emerson said 'What you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you are saying'. 


Skousen warned of the dangers of big government, and he quoted the Founders own words.  He addressed the common liberal myths of the 'Separation of church and state', the myth that 'welfare' in the Declaration of Independence means the government takes care of health care, or welfare, the myth that we ought to have equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities, the myth that the Founders were a bunch of atheists who had no moral standards, among many others.  Unfortunately, our media, popular culture, and schools has been very successful for the last 7 decades, in not only taking God and morals out of their purview, but also putting in corrupt ideas and carnality, so that our society is often not only deprived of knowledge of wisdom and virtue, but directly introduced and encouraged to get into folly and corruption.  This is why we have 70 million Americans on psychotropic drugs, why we pay $700 billion a year for drug, tobacco, and alcohol issues, why we have 39% of our babies born without married fathers in the home, 110 million Americans with an STD, 64% of Americans incapable of naming the 3 branches of government, and why the biggest business in America is student debt, at $1.5 trillion, as Americans desperately turn to secular schools.  This