DRAFT: The Wisdom of the Crowd - I'm Asking Your Opinion

I was asked for a technical definition of trolling and universal rules regarding trolling that could be implemented in an IT system or adopted by an AI. The problem is coming up with a universal definition. Therefore, I'm asking a very ideologically diverse crowd for your opinions.


What is the definition of a troll?


This should be ideologically neutral definition. Actively debating people wouldn't be trolling, though they may have an opposite behavior. Ad hominem attacks on a regular basis probably is an indication someone is a troll. What would you put in this category?


What is the definition of trolling behaviors?


What actions constitute trolling? What behaviors should, when done by anyone, get them banned on a platform?


The Problematic Nature of "Hate Speech"


"Hate speech" for example doesn't count as trolling, because those in power determine what is officially "love" and can ban everything else as hate speech.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." - Voltaire

 This is currently a problem of the authoritarian left censoring even moderately conservative opinions as rude, evil, offensive while the far left actively calling for violence against targets or coordinating action is tolerated by censors. They are  not the only target, though, as ex-Muslims, ex-gays and ex-liberals getting censored on Facebook and Twitter demonstrates.