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The office of AfD in the city of Döbeln was target of a terror attack at 7:20 p.m. on Thursday. The bomb detonated in a trash can before the building. It broke the windows of the office and some of the windows of the neighbouring houses. Two cars were also destroyed in the blast and a fire broke out inside the office.


The police arrested three suspects yesterday who have been released since. It is unlikely that the perpetrators will be found. It is the most severe instance in a series of lesser attacks.


In mid December a window of the AfD office in the town of Borna was broken by violently crushing a slab of stone into it. In September, two offices of the party have been smeared with paint.


This is in no way restricted to conservative targets. Political crimes have become common place. Two instances that are comparable with the latest attack occurred in 2015. In the year when Merkel opened the gates, the car of communist politician Michael Richter was blasted with a bomb and while compaigning to become mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, fell victim to a brutal knife attack. She was elected while being in a coma.


On New Year’s Eve: A German drove his car into a crowed. Several victims were injured. The current count is: eight injured, some of them severely. He tried multiple attempts in the city of Essen and nearby Bottrop, where he was most “successful.” His motivation was to fight against immigration. The victims were soft targets, i.e. people who looked like immigrants. He did not hurt the heavily protected politicians and media elites who are responsible for the situation.


German journalist Billy Six is still kept in prison in socialist Venezuela for unclear reasons. It is his sixth year and he is reported to be seriously ill. No German official does something about it and the mainstream media is rarely covering the case.

See video.


Ryan Messano Added Jan 5, 2019 - 2:17pm
Sounds like Muslims.  They are the ones responsible for 34,000 terror attacks in just the last 18 years.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine who is behind this.
Dino Manalis Added Jan 5, 2019 - 2:31pm
 People aren't happy, it could have been Islamic, but neoNazis are also making a comeback and anti-Semitism is rising.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:12pm
Man kann darüber streiten, wer dafür verantwortlich ist. Fact is that the Germans have been conditioned since WWII that when one stands for his country and defends his identity is automatically considered a Nazi.
I call that politically incorrect brainwashing. Now if I would be German, I'd be in the AFD. Why ? NOT because of Alice Weidel which is ironically a Goldman-Sachs deciple (what a joke LOL), but because the Merkel government opened doors to every kind of gesindel without thinking much further. Did they ?
Or were they ordered to by someone ?
Friedrich Merz is the new Hoffnungsträger of the CDU. A Blackrock guy. So now we have Goldman and Blackrock as a Regierung in spe. Cool. So much for politics and their independence of the economy, if we still call that economy, that is, Or better, Interessenvertretung.
Now. what do we know about these attacks by "terrorists" which had a proven criminal record and still were on the loose, even though the Verfassungsschutz apparently knew them ? Either
a) these attacks were organized by the government itself to create further insecurity -> more control -> stabilizing a media POV about "Muslims" (funny that all of them cried Allahu Akhbar and some left their passport on site) and maybe prepare an operation by he US against Iran (Muslims), so people are, in the US and Europe, favorable to erase all that is Muslim ergo attack and kill. Avoid any protest because people are already....conditioned.
b) these attacks were performed by irritated people or refugees that didn't cope with their new environment. But this is no argument, since almost all terrorists, be it in France or Germany, were born there. I guess they just wanted to make a fast buck by killing some people and get high on Fuckbook.
Fact is that Merkel fucked up great. And I'm not sure until today if it's due to a real sympathy because of her DDR-Vergangenheit that made her blind to all the criminal NATO acts or if she was ordered to open the borders. Germany is not at all independent....
BTW: AFD is not a Nazi party. It's like the yellow vests in France. People who are simply fed up with all that elitist bullshit. Of course there's always extremist elements - in all parties. Question is what do you prefer: A guy like Bolsonaro in power or a guy like Macron or a woman like Merkel ? 
In fact they're all the same with different methods. They are united in the following of any US agenda. I don't judge the US agenda. To me, it's a bad one, but what I don't like is blind following.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:20pm
Shut up. Stay in the corner until you get called out.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:20pm
Yes, the bomb could be set by Islamists, but the safest bet would actually be people who identify as 'centrists' and/or 'left-wing'. The monolithic media has created a strong anti-conservative aggression.
SEF: I find your post confusing. Nobody shouted Allahu akbar in the mentioned cases. I don't think that Islam has anything to do with it. I also don't think that some clandestine US deep state job is neccessary or likely.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:23pm
Stone is quite confused.  Hard to make rhyme or reason out of it.  But if you don't give him lots of affection, he'll leave WB again.  He's had about one threat a week to leave.  I expect the next one shortly.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:26pm
I'm sorry but that's what I've seen in ZDF and ARD. It was not the first time that the media empathized on that. It simply makes me suspicious.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:28pm
You can't judge anything of that. haven't been called out yet. Would you kindly behave or, if not, at least have anything substantial to say to the subject ?
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:32pm
BTW Ben:
All these stories remind me of 9/11 too. How can it be that in most cases everything was burned but police found intact identity papers on crime sites ? If I commit a crime I don't leave a business card....and if someone like Amri can commit 20 recorded crimes or more and travels unharmed through all of Europe something MUST be wrong.
Nobody can tell me that today's IT is NOT capable to keep trace of such a derelict.
The Owl Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:34pm
Interesting points, Stone Eater...
And here I thought you were an admirer of tolerance and inclusion there in Europe.
And if I recall in World War II, the Swiss, surrounded by tyranny, quite wisely retreated to their mountain fortress for the duration...
But they still manage to launder untold billions of dollars of Nazi loot through their banks and art dealers...
And likely assisted in the flight of any number Nazi apparatchiks who were afraid that the sword of revenge was headed their way. 
Ryan Messano Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:47pm
Yes, that's Swiss courage for you, Owl.   Reminds me of Stone. Won't take battles on one on one, frequently flees, and is a sycophant to his liberal puppet masters.  I don't block him because I only go after the ringleaders, not the followers.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:49pm
And here I thought you were an admirer of tolerance and inclusion there in Europe.
I am, actually. But - as I am ready to assimilate in Africa and respect local customs, I demand that also from people that come to my country. If not - fuck off. Tolerance doesn't mean accepting everything.
But they still manage to launder untold billions of dollars of Nazi loot through their banks and art dealers...
Sure. We have no resources, and we have to defend ourselves against the Caymans, Virgins, Delaware, the Channel Islands, the City of London etc.....;-)
I know that we're the focus although there's n others who are in that dirty business. Ask Trumpie about MS and Apple and where their taxes go....and by the way: I'm Swiss, but not all of us wash cash.
Just like not all Americans like McDonalds, gang fights and Gangsta Rap LOL
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:53pm
You're tiring. This is a conversation of adults. Get back into the corner, will ya ?
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:57pm
Sorry that I have to reply to that stupid idiot Ryan interfering all the time. Ok....
You see, I know we Swiss have an image of
a) cheese
b) chocolate
c) mountains
d) banks
e) cleanliness
That's the image. For sure all that exists, but reducing us to that is like reducing Americans to a horde of gunslinging steak-munching churchgoers that think they're the center of the world ;-)
Ryan Messano Added Jan 5, 2019 - 3:58pm
You tire easily, Stone.  Isn't it time for your next WB siesta?
Ryan Messano Added Jan 5, 2019 - 4:00pm
Next Article from Stone: Why I decided to finally leave WB! 
And the liberals will come flocking.
Oph: No, Stoney, don't go, dear pal. You have so much to offer.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 4:02pm
Sorry, Ben I quit here. Thanks for the article and the discussion, Owl. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 5, 2019 - 4:14pm
Americans are a horde of gunslinging steak-munching churchgoers that think they're the center of the world. At least the better half of them.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 5, 2019 - 4:24pm
Ok. So I wasn't wrong then ;-) Schade, aber auch LOL
Ward Tipton Added Jan 5, 2019 - 7:32pm
"But they still manage to launder untold billions of dollars of Nazi loot through their banks and art dealers..."
Actually, Austria and Lichtenstein have handled most of the dirty banking since FATCA, FBAR and other American interference in International Banking. Basel is still pretty much a hotbed of banking activity, but mostly in regards to the legislation that forces the banking itself to be transacted in Austria and Lichtenstein. 
Tamara Wilhite Added Jan 5, 2019 - 9:11pm
AfD is anti-Muslim immigration, a reaction to Merkel's open-arms policy. It would make sense for Muslim terrorists to target them AND the German government to not care about stopping or finding those who did it.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 6, 2019 - 2:04am
"Americans are a horde of gunslinging steak-munching churchgoers that think they're the center of the world."
I have great faith in God, but not so much in the religious institutions of men teaching dogma and tenets rather than any philosophical approach to the truth. However, most of us gun-slinging and steak munching Americans hate oppression and do not wish to impose it on others, despite the mis-characterization of we the persons of this nation coming forth from the hallowed halls of our dear leaders.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 6, 2019 - 8:36am
Hey Ward
Missed my twinking eye :) I know that the majority of Americans are the same ignorants as we Europeans are LOL
Doug Plumb Added Jan 6, 2019 - 9:04am
Terrorism has been the business of governments since the days of Aristotle. The Soros nutcases are just an example of government minions executing terrorist operations for the banks (our true governers)
Doug Plumb Added Jan 6, 2019 - 9:05am
re "He did not hurt the heavily protected politicians and media elites who are responsible for the situation."
That never happens, people like Lucky Larry are always in a safe place.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 6, 2019 - 10:13am
Doug is right. Try to kill a head of state in a Western country. Can't happen anymore. Easier to kill presidents in 3rd world countries. Here you can't even get close to the criminals of Bilderberg or the World Exploitation Forum....oh, pardon, the World Economic Forum.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 6, 2019 - 10:59am
With the proper firearm or the proper charge of high explosives strategically placed, there is no need to get close. 
Mind you, I have only ever hunted animals with such methods but ... theoretically and hypothetically at least ... the theory is much the same ... or so I am told. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 6, 2019 - 11:38am
At the beginning of each year we have a lot of suspicious crimes. It's our German equivalent to Ramandan. Civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld has found the following:
In Strasbourg Chérif Chekatt had on 11th December 2018. They shot at random people at the Christmas market in Strasbourg in 2018 and attacked them with knives. Five people were killed. The assassin was, according to his father, a supporter of the terrorist militia IS.
A few days later, two Scandinavian tourists were murdered by IS supporters in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. One of the women was beheaded with a knife, the pictures were then posted to hundreds on the mother’s Facebook account.
Much less media attention was paid to the bomb threat against the Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral in late December. However, after the rapid evacuation of the temple, no bomb was found. The identity of the caller wanted to give the Vienna police no information. There were no victims. However, around the same time there was a raid on the Maria Immaculata Church in Vienna. Five clerics were handcuffed and severely injured with kicks. The perpetrators, armed with a firearm and an iron bar, have spoken with a foreign accent. They robbed the purses of the clergy and the vault of the church. Even at the beginning of January the victims have not recovered enough yet to answer questions from the police.
In Germany too, it was by no means as peaceful as the media wanted to believe. Several cars are ploughed through groups of pedestrians in multiple places.
On 29.12.2018, in Berlin-Wedding, a car raced in a pedestrian group. The public only learnt about the driver that he was not drunk or drugged. He injured 5 people, three of them seriously. One of them, a woman, died later because of it. Even before the investigation began, the media claimed that it was an accident.
On 21.12.2018 in Recklinghausen a motorist raced into a group of people waiting at a bus stop. An 88-year-old woman died of her serious injuries on the spot, and six other people between the ages of 17 and 67 were injured, some of them seriously. The first reports alleged that the migrant man wanted to commit suicide. Later it was announced that the driver did not have a driving license, but had mental health problems that he was already in treatment for.
On the 2nd of January, in the town of An der Steinert, pedestrians on the street were threatened by an asylum seeker with an axe. Since he did not strike successfully, the incident immediately disappeared from the media. The axeman seems to have remained unmolested.
In Halle, a 17-year-old Syrian injured a 14-year-old German with a knife on his neck. In Kamenz, a known criminal called “King Abode” committed a knife attack on a local guest. In beautiful Heidelberg, a mob of Arab-looking young men attacked two Germans and send them to the hospital with cruel kicks, including head kicks.
In Dortmund, on New Year’s Eve police in the area Möllerbrücke were pelted by a large group of migrants (estimated 400) with bottles and pyrotechnics.
The police were even worse of at the “peaceful New Year’s Eve celebrations” in Berlin: Policemen received kicks, punches and and were pelted with fireworks by Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian people seeking protection. The beating did not stop when the policemen tried to bring their injured comrades to safety. They were called “sons of bitches” and somebody said in Arabic that they should be shot.
In the largely “peaceful” New Year’s Eve at least two women were shot. One in Schönberg, one in Wedding, because her ex-boyfriend wanted to know what it feels like to kill someone. Since we only know from this ex-boyfriend that he is a man, we can apply Coulter’s Law.
In Frankfurt am Main there were three attempted killings, one of them was “pushed” in front of an incoming train on the track bed.
In Cologne 86 bodily injuries and a rape occurred on the toilet of a restaurant. There were 250 criminal charges, seven of which had a sexual background. At least three policemen were injured.
It’s important to know that NYE required 1,100 additional police officers, plus 300 federal police officers. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, if it had not been for this police officer! It is foreseeable that such public celebrations will not take place much longer, because that will exceed the forces of the police.
All over the state NRW, where Cologne lies, New Year’s Eve saw approximately 3,500 missions, 422 personal injuries, including 161 dangerous ones, 33 sexual offenses, 439 property damage, 262 provisional arrests, 1257 place referrals, at least 38 injured police officers. In th
Stone-Eater Added Jan 6, 2019 - 12:02pm
You let them in, so you have to deal with it. Not their problem when the German population doesn't get their ass up and kicks them out. Get over that holocaust trauma and see what happens.
If some guy does the same in Africa, he get's a tire around his neck, some gasoline shower and then he'll be set on fire. Then, the rest of the clothes will be put on the ground as a reminder for a while.
I saw it. A bit drastic, ok, admitted. But as long as these people know that the biggest punishment they get is a German (hotel)prison, it won't change. Tell that to Ferkel, pardon, Merkel ;-)
Ward Tipton Added Jan 6, 2019 - 12:05pm
Loves me some peace and tolerance in the mawnin'! Lawsy yes!

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