DRAFT: Don't Trust Your Government, Trust God.

The government of man perishes. But there is one government which never shuts down, the Government of God. There is one law abiding forever, the Law of God. There is one nation which can never be destroyed, the nation of God.


Yes, God will not suffer His people to be destroyed. He will save them from their enemies. Don't turn again to serve fallen men. Serve the Lord who is lifted in glory forever. The children of God have nothing to fear, our hope and rights are not in the constitutions of man. Our hope and rights are in Jesus Christ. Be comforted my friends. The things of this world are temporary, but the hope in us is an everlasting hope.


  • Governments listen to lobbyists. God listens to you.
  • Governments come and go. God is.
  • Governments shoot their neighbor. God loves your neighbor.
  • Governments change for the win of a popular vote. God is constant.
  • Governments love your taxes. God loves you.
  • Governments change their laws. God is Love, His law is and never changes.
  • Governments kill their own people. God gives you eternal life.
  • God forgives. Governments retaliate.
  • God is freedom. Governments are CIA, FBI, police, military, prisons, speed limits, border-controls, drug sniffing dogs, AWEX, drones, cold-war, nuclear-bombs, corruption.....
  • God is the Word. Government is debate and argument over the definition of what the word "is" is.


Trust the government or God? You decide.