DRAFT: Top Twats of 2018

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It was an eventful year for penetrated pussies for sure. Will we see the end of "the casting couch"? I would think not. Certain things always have been, and always will be immutable. Will we see the end of the various "isms" that apparently plague polite society? Once again, highly doubtful. People will always invent things that they didn't inherit from someone else; let's face it, people are assholes. However, some cracks are starting to form, so we'll see.


Speaking of cracks, I have to award the 2018 Top Cunt Award to two different top cunts: Asia Argento and Sarah Jeong.


I can write much about both of them, but this author, the GREAT Jim Goad, has them both pegged in a way that I cannot possibly improve upon:


 Asia Argento, opportunistic-statutory rapist-guido-cunt-extraordinaire:




Sarah Jeong, opportunistic white-hating gook cunt extraordinaire:




While I think that Asia Argento needs to be turned over to the Islamic State so she can be "serviced" by a bunch of howling jihadis before they throw her beheaded and stretched-out ass off a tall cliff into a pool of flaming gasoline surrounded by pissed-off and hungry crocodiles, I actually laughed my ass off at Mrs. Jeong's remarks. I gotta hand it to her, she clearly has a talent for rubbing it in, and from my own experiences on-line, stodgy old white assholes usually have it coming. However, if I were to post something similar, I would probably be a smoking crater by now.