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I began the day yesterday reading opher goodwins latest article in which he departed his human interest pursuits and returned to telling the world how the cow eats the cabbage. You may recall earlier I remarked on the stunning realization that Ryan Messano is the star of Writer Beat and now I must say, opher goodwin is the god of WB. It is not just that on that one, latest work by og that he posted 26 comments to his own essay but that since the demi-departure of Stone Eater I have noted in og an accelerated excitement. The boy is really on a roll and I must admit, I cannot resist reeling him in. To wit my counter to his condescending and scathing proclamations:


Well, opher one could surely argue that you are greedy despite your denial. Greedy for attention judging by the way you throw out all your preposterous posturings on every subject under the Sun. You certainly exploit your sixth form students, which no one asked you about nor, I dare say did they ask to be remembered by you as you conscript their opinions preemptorily to justify your own high opinion of yourself.
As for money, you nose in the air declare you do not seek filthy lucre but any lack of greed there in you is as likely sour grapes as you cannot muster the talent to earn it. You speak of the inequality in the world of money and the misery of the poor but why not, in your infinite wisdom and superlative talents acquire those vast sums yourself and distribute them yourself to raise mankind from poverty?
You claim to be a biologist and with the same breath bemoan the fallen state of our Planet as you teach the children of other people how evil and cruel man has been to flora and fauna. Why not turn your inestimable skills to fixing what is broke or taking your case to those who are in power but cannot see what must be seen and teach them to affect what YOU know needs be done?
You say then, you have pride in your politics, the ever social democrat but where is the produce of your politics that has yielded as much as a thing to be proud of? And now you are a sociologist pontificating on what is best for humans in their relationships with one and another! How lucky we are to have you as our example.


But wait! Who would guess you are clairvoyant, too and can read the minds of Johnny Fever and the rest of us, knowing by the mere fact we call you a horse's ass, if not in so many words that we must be disciples of the money mongers?
And finally there is your humility which you imply by, what? Declaring you don't do anything about the world you bitch and moan over, no doubt because you don't want to appear ... showy? Excuse me while I go to let some blood out of my veins for not being you.



Mogg Tsur Added Jan 18, 2019 - 6:43am
Well, perhaps the interest WB users have shown my last few edits has inspired me, and I am grateful. Here's my latest edit, a paean to the great, opher goodwin.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 18, 2019 - 9:41pm
Best article on Badlose in WB history.  Well done.  He is a greedy, envious parasite.