DRAFT: Dr. King's 100th Birthday

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This is my 1st article of 2019; There will be a lot of anniversaries and there is one that I want to mention whose Birthday will come in 2 weeks. January 15, 2019 will  be the 100th Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although it is a National Holiday in America, Dr. King's message and words still have a impact on America 51 years after his death. 

I challenge those who claim to be an admirer of Dr. King to really listen to what he had to say to America that is so true today and here is a list:

1. The I Have a Dream Speech. The March on Washington was a historic moment for America. I suggest you listen to the entire Speech especially Dr. King's because if you only focus on the 30 second soundbite, you are truly missing the context of the Whole Speech! Definitely listen to it and don't skip ahead!


2. Read Dr. King's Books and transcripts of his speeches. Don't rely on Fox News and Conservative Media outlets to give you information about Dr. King because it is inaccurate and one sided. Read Dr. King's Books such as Why We Can't Wait and Where Do We Go From Here? You can also find Dr. King's Sermons and Speeches online at The Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Online Institute from Sanford University and listen to Community based radio programs who preempt their regular program and broadcast Dr. King's Speeches on the air. 


3. To Hear Dr. King speak in his own words, watch King: A Written Record from Montgomery to Memphis that was released 50 years ago one year after his death. You can watch it on Bounce TV online or ask your cable subscriber on MLK Day and on www.kanopy.com. This film is Dr. King in his own words, not a reenactment!


4. Volunteer!! Help out your fellow Human being by volunteering at your local Church, Community Group, and help those in need. Big or Small help is good enough. 



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