A Beating And A Leak

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Frank Magnitz is an MP of the federal parliament Bundestag and the leader of the AfD Chapter of the German City State of Bremen. Mulitiple masked men attacked him as he was leaving a party of the local newspaper “Weser Kurier” yesterday. He was first knocked unconscious with a slab of wood and then kicked in the head multiple times. Two workers from a nearby building lot intervened and stopped the assault.


There is not more information available at the moment. What drives me nuts is that they cannot even present this news item without gaslighting. ZEIT claimed that it were unclear if and what weapons were used and how severely he was injured. Tagesspiegel of the same publisher gives these details, but says that the picture above was published by the AfD supposedly showing the man (German: Foto, das den Politiker mit einer blutenden Kopfwunde zeigen soll.). ZEIT later mentioned the gravity of the harm.



 The story also takes no pole position in the news cycle. The supposedly big story is the aggregation of some data leaks and their publication through two twitter accounts. The cables came from left-wing politicians, journalists and artists. They were immediately removed and have obviously been harmless. Otherwise they would have circulated more widely.


The only scandal involved in this minor criminal offence is that homes have been searched by the police over the weekend. One witness, 19-years of age, who said that he had contact with the twitterer after the data release had his home raided and all his IT confiscated. The German constitution also knows its equivalence of the fourth, has a restriction against unusual punishment and demands due process so that police investigations are not abused as wanton punishments themselves. But this constitution is not respected by the current government and this is the actual scandal. According to WELT homes in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse have been targeted.


And because the privacy of our elites is paramount, the installment of a new federal office, the Cyber Defence Center Plus (German: Cyber-Abwehrzentrum Plus) is under way and can be expected to open next month. I don’t even know what “Plus” stands for, but with the German habit of trying to sound smarter than they are and to use Latin or pseudo-English phrases in their official names, you can be lucky that the name does not contain the terms “Task Force” or “Clearing”.


Ryan Messano Added Jan 8, 2019 - 5:50pm
Brutal, Benjamin.  Any idea about possible suspects or motives?
Thomas Napers Added Jan 9, 2019 - 5:22am
"The only scandal involved in this minor criminal offence is that homes have been searched by the police over the weekend."
Based on that photo, I wouldn't call this a minor criminal offense.  I should hope police search homes (legally) and do everything else in their power to find perpetrators.  What is the AfD league?  Whatever it is, it's rather obvious we're talking about paid hit men from the other side.  Meaning the scandal likely involves some unsavory political figures with deep pockets.  
Ward Tipton Added Jan 9, 2019 - 7:22am
It all depends on what class of "victimhood" the perpetrators belonged to and how politically expedient it may be to resolve the issue. 
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 10:56am
I think that attack was the action of the, now, left-wing globalized deep state. It's about the same the Gelbwesten, or, yellow coats in France. Although only a small minority is actually "Nazi" oriented, they put all people who are simply dissatisfied with the current economic situation of their life/families in the right-wing corner. I said the following on LinikedIn:
Wir leben in einer verhängnisvollen Zeit. Wenn ich nach Deutschland rüberschaue (ist ja nur etwa 60 km von der Schweiz, von wo ich lebe), sehe ich in der Politikerkaste, die ja notabene GEWAEHLT wurden, diverse Kategorien: Da sind einerseits die von der Oekopartei zum aussenpolitischen NATO-Sprachrohr verkommenen Grünen (Genscher würde sich im Grab umdrehen, da die FDP ja eine Ein-Mann-Show geworden ist), da ist die CDU, die nicht genau weiss, ob sie nun pseudosozial oder neoliberal light werden will, die CSU, die sich darüber grämt, dass ihnen die AfD das Wasser abgräbt, die Linke, die a) den falschen Namen hat und b) die richtige Frau in der falschen Partei (die Sahra) hat, die SPD, die nicht genau weiss, ob sie sich nun wieder an Willy annähern will oder weiter den Schröder spielen will. Ach ja, da ist da noch die AfD, die keiner will, ausser viele aus dem Volk, aber bitte, die sind neu, und etwa so vertrauenswürdig wie die Gelbwesten, die ja alles aus Nazis bestehen, nicht ? So sagen es uns die Medien. Wer am Rande der Existenz lebt und aufbegehrt, ist ein Nazi, nur weil halt ab und zu ein paar ungebildete Gröler mitmischen, wenn eine Demo stattfindet. Dann schneiden die Medien genau diese raus und verunglimpfen die Tausenden, die nur für bessere Bedingungen kämpfen....
Ward Tipton Added Jan 9, 2019 - 10:59am
"Although only a small minority is actually "Nazi" oriented, they put all people who are simply dissatisfied with the current economic situation of their life/families in the right-wing corner."
This again stems from orthodox or ideological viewpoints that demand complete compliance with the system of beliefs of the ideology regardless of fact. 
Oh. You disagree with any part of what I saw? Then you must be fundamentally vested in the most radical elements of the opposing ideological viewpoints. 
In such a way, the individual opposition can be summarily dismissed, allowing the cognitive dissonance to continue unabated and uninterrupted. 
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 11:03am
BTW: The one thing that kind of makes me doubt about the AfD is the fact that Alice Weidel as a head of the party is a Goldman sister. Doesn't kind of fit to the people which support the AfD. Could it be possible that the AfD is just a fake trying to fish in the last pond that is still available ?
Dino Manalis Added Jan 9, 2019 - 11:20am
 Politicians need body guards to protect them, while adequate law enforcement is fundamental to protect us!
Jim Stoner Added Jan 9, 2019 - 12:51pm
I condemn the attack. If the attackers were masked, that suggests premeditation.  I can't understand any of what Stone-Eater posted on Linked In, but I see lots of references to German political parties, and I know the victim is of the far-right AfD.   
There is a strong revulsion in German society--at least, most of it-- against any rise of neo-Nazis there, and that could--emphasize "could", as the motivations could be other than political--be behind the attack.  It is illogical and self-defeating for people to use Nazi-like tactics, if that is the case.    Here   is an article in English with some input from the German police on the case. 
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:07pm
Actually when one comes to the base of it one could think that all what happens on the political scene is just ONE big tragicomedy which has no other purpose than to keep people occupied and divided in order to distract and let the real deciders of world economy and politics do their game in the dark....
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:09pm
BTW: The guardian is one of my preferred papers in English. Of course I don't know too many English online papers, but this one seems ok.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:11pm
Now I wonder what people think of this site ;-)
Jim Stoner Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:15pm
S-E,  Sometimes I think that the whole human civilization experiment is one big tragicomedy.  I would like for it to be something different than that and believe it can be. 
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:26pm
It COULD be. We have the brains for that, but we don't use that area. Read error at 2e3a4b6c.
Jim Stoner Added Jan 9, 2019 - 1:44pm
Read error at 2e3a4b6c.  
My sediments exactly. 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 9, 2019 - 2:00pm
Would it be a read error or a read/write error? chmod not set up for reading, writing or executable commands? A full on error perhaps? 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 9, 2019 - 2:01pm
The German police claims now that the man received one single hit on the back of his head, without weapon. It contradicts the statement from one of the man who found him, but he has also disappeared. Anyway all the wounds you see are the result of him falling on the floor. This is the version of the police and the state prosecutor.
Germans believe everything.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 9, 2019 - 2:03pm
Stones text according to google translate:
 We live in a fateful time. When I look over to Germany (which is only about 60 km from Switzerland, from where I live), I see in the politician caste, which were indeed gewaedt SELECTED, various categories: There are on the one hand degenerated from the Oekopartei for foreign policy NATO mouthpiece Greens (Genscher would turn around in his grave, because the FDP has become a one-man show), there is the CDU, who does not know exactly whether they want to be pseudo-social or neoliberal light, the CSU, which grieves over it that the AfD is digging up the water for them, the left, who a) has the wrong name and b) the right woman in the wrong party (the Sahra), the SPD, who does not know exactly whether she will be back to Willy wants to approach or continue to play the Schröder. Oh yes, there is the AfD, which nobody wants, except many of the people, but please, they are new, and about as trustworthy as the yellow vests, which are all Nazis, right? This is what the media tell us. Anyone who lives on the verge of existence and revolts is a Nazi, just because now and then a few uneducated Gröler join in when a demo takes place. Then the media cut these out and denigrate the thousands who fight only for better conditions ....
Stone-Eater Added Jan 9, 2019 - 2:21pm
Not TOO bad. But google translate can't read irony or sarcasm. Thankfully. But I guess my POV comes through...somewhat.
I see in the politician caste, which were indeed gewaedt SELECTED, various categories:
?? But well, whatever :-)

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