DRAFT: Russia collusion, the investigation is lost in the weeds

I think we all remember the good ol days when everyone, especially the news media and Democrats were outraged over Trump's collusion with Russia which tipped the scales just enough to make him President.  Over the years that followed, an investigation took place that left no stone UN-turned and has followed even the tiniest lead to the Nth degree.


After they pretty much determined Trump didn't collude with Russia they dug in to everyone connected with his campaign, and finally even business associates connected to Trump owned businesses.  Of course that had to take some time, Trump is the sole or principal owner of about 500 business entities that do business all over the US and in about 25 counties.  I think it's fair to say that he never met an enticing business opportunity in another country that he didn't consider.  Of course since Trump already owns 500 businesses, his physical participation in most business deals might be limited to approving final paperwork, or often just reading a report authored by a subordinate who manages that part of his empire.


The investigation was looking for proof that Trump colluded with Russia to win the Presidency, but now we're going after subordinates who "LIED" when they claimed they had no contact with Russian operatives, because in fact they had been contacted by Russian officials who hoped to ingratiate themselves to whoever won, or in some cases work out some kind of business deal with Trump entities that had nothing to do with politics.  None of those activities effected the election, and in fact those activities are so commonplace that the same can be said of many Democrats who were in similar campaign or business positions.  Foreign con