The Hoax Called a Government Shutdown

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I watched President Trump's speech on illegal immigration last night, I thought he did a good job. He was concise, stated well known facts, did not blame anyone personally for the hold ups but the House and Senate in general. 


Why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were there puzzles me, they had nothing to say. Neither had any rebuttals to the facts President Trump mentioned. Not the fact that drugs were being smuggled into our country, nothing about the criminals sneaking across our border, they said nothing. Pelosi spouted the same old Democrat talking points I have been hearing since Ronald Reagan was our President about more technology and a few more border agents being better than a wall but that was it. Schumer was mumbling something about, something. Even Brian Williams and his guests on MSNBC were laughing at their performance. 


Which leads to this so-called government shutdown. No Americans have been hurt by this shutdown, only a few who work for the federal government. All our national parks are still open, in many of them local volunteers have been keeping the restrooms clean and the trash picked up. There may not be some officious person wearing a smokey the bear hat there to hand out pamphlets but that doesn't really matter to most people anyway. National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, the federal government has no right to be controlling them. 


The land in each state belongs to the people in those states. The parks, the forests, all of it. And each state can take care of our national treasures just fine, no federal government needed. The local people know what is needed to take care of their lands, they know much more than some Washington bureaucrat. Our national monuments in Washington? We have a few hundred thousand soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen, who we already pay, who would be glad to maintain the beauty of those monuments and memorials. The fact is the federal government is not needed in many cases. 


The people most affected by this shutdown? The very people I am talking about who are not needed. The BLM, forest service, national parks, game and fish, none of these wasteful, overbloated agencies are needed and could be shutdown forever in my opinion. The land can go back to it's rightful owners, the citizens of the states, and they can take care of it. Maybe some of those laid off federal employees can get a job with the state.