DRAFT: Big Lies

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There are some huge lies being told to people these days.  I'll list the top few.


1) Bitcoin has inherent value.  Bitcoin has the same value as a typical rock.  Rocks are useful but have no value.  Try this and do some homework . . . find out what limit there is to the number of new cryptocurrencies that could be created (like BC).  You will quickly find out that it is infinite.  If you have an infinite supply of anything then its intrinsic value is zero.  Do not believe the hype.

2) Quantum computers are the next big thing.  We already have quantum computers . . . it is called the transistor.  BTW there are no working "quantum computers" other than the SOC type (system on chip).  SOC computers have been around since 1960.  You are reading this article on a SOC "quantum" computer.  Seems like every few years, they change the definition of what a quantum computer actually means.  I smell a big fat rat.  As a scientist, I have done quite a bit of research on this to understand these "magical boxes" which have no physical representative currently -- even though the media lies and says there are.  Ugh.

3) Humans are causing 100% of the rise in earth's temp.  This may be a theory but to state this as fact is a huge lie.  Any scientist worth their salt would tell you this.

4) Multicultural is the new culture.   Multicultural is propaganda for anti-socially-conservative.  Everywhere "multicultural" exist in fact just means more conflict for everyone.  People generally want people around them that are mostly similar . . . not mostly different.  The left have been in a constant state of social revolution.  This is their 

5) Social justice.   Social justice is like the headhunter tribe which collects heads for prestige.  Every time a person gets called out on social media by some SJW, that SJW gets prestige points for "beheading" their victim.  It is a cult.  It is criminal.  Social just is a big lie.  There is no justice.  It needs to stop.

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