DRAFT: America is spiritually ill.

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Today's Drudge Report has a headline by Armstrong Williams, a leading conservative voice, and a backer of Ben Carson for President in 2016.  It's title is 'Spiritual Illness is crippling America'.  Does anyone doubt this?  Of course, the schools and media will hush this up, because if American's realize we are ill, we'd start making different choices, and that would mean the media, drug industry, porn industry, alcohol industry, and other illicit ventures would lose fortunes. They really don't like that idea at all. So, they have a huge interest in keeping the patient ill, so as to continue the patients dependence upon them. 


The article went on to detail the horrifying case of a comatose patient in an Arizona nursing facility, who has been comatose for 14 years, suddenly giving birth.  This made it quite obvious that she was raped by one off the staff at the facility, and an investigation is underway. We were begun, despite the lefts constant shrieks about 'muh slavery' and 'muh Indian's land', by virtuous men.  They had faults, but they understood the fight between good and evil, and even the vices some were guilty of, they never dreamed of representing as good, but they even decried their own bad habits.  Contrast this with today's left.  If you call out their bad habits, they don't apologize in the least for them, and they are even proud of them.  Notice how some of the people who are the most corrupt and wicked, will constantly dredge up the slightest wrongdoing of those in the past, real or imagined, and use it to try and justify their own evil choices today.  This is a standard tactic of the wicked.  They don't want to change, and they will viciously attack anyone who is good who calls them out.   There are many pseudo-conservatives who fit in this category as well.


This began when America departed from the Bible.  When we introduced the evolution fairytale, and trained humans they were animals, why are we surprised when we have so many who act like animals?  Notice, the left's triple values, money, power, and pleasure.  The Bible calls it, in 1 John, 'the lusts of the flesh  Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, is getting divorced for cheating on his wife.  This is quite common.  It's far rarer for a wealthy and powerful man in America to be virtuous, than it is for him to be corrupt.  And when your powerful leaders are corrupt, you can be sure the people are in trouble.