Government Shutdown: Republican and Conservative Hated "Welfare Pimps" to the Rescue

Whom are we told are the major recipients of welfare and food stamp (SNAP)? Who are truly the major recipients of welfare and such?


Its all about optics, Watson.


Show hungry children of the nation's major recipients of welfare and see what happens to the government shutdown.  Supreme Court the highest court of the land?--BULL. See what happens when Black, White, Latino, Asians, and all welfare and food stamp recipients join force with angry and hungry majority White government workers.


Of course, ignorant leaders may want to go to the courts. But the court of public opinion once caused the Supreme Court to overturn itself. To the extreme, a stupid leader may want to declare a state of emergency to have the soldiers shoot down protesting Americans. Remember, said leader wanted a military parade in America.


Ahh, it did not happen and the military would not adopt the ways of Banana Republic leaders.  The military's first bullet would be in support of the Constitution and our democratic ideals.  Of course, such would be a precursor to an uncivil war. In Jamaica, a prime minister called Donald Sangster mysteriously met his demise in a few months of his leadership, and he was a good man.