Racism: the real reason for emergency at the border

The situation at the border is better than it has been in years or decades. Fewer apprehensions, better fencing, more border patrol, doing a better job - there is no emergency. Trump himself said that the Southern border has been secured by him.


On the other hand, there are fewer white people in the country. For racists, that is the real emergency, and reason for all this chaos.


Also, this isn't about illegal immigration. The Trump administration is going after legal immigration - wanting to stop family-based immigration, end TPS, the RAISE act, etc, and more recently and more high profile ending the different ways asylum seekers can come here (which is legal, not illegal). For Republicans it's legal immigration that's the current target.


opher goodwin Added Jan 11, 2019 - 1:42pm
It is an artificial emergency created by Trump for his own political advantage. He is stoking up hatred with his diatribes about gangs, drugs, rapists and murderers. These people are not that.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:16pm
More fake news.  Has nothing to do with racism.  Has to do with understanding that the Democrats care only about power and money.  If Latino's voted less than 75% Democrat, then the Democrats would have a wall up yesterday, with machine gun towers to boot. 
Dear WB members,
Badlose has flipped.  He is now censoring ideas from his post he doesn't like.  Arbitrary reasons.
Badlose likes the idea that we American's pay $130 billion a year for illegal immigration.  It fits in with his big gubmint, Marxist worldview.  Paying $5 billion to stop a $130 billion annual problem makes A LOT OF SENSE TO ANY SANE PERSON.  But, Badlose and his friends aren't sane.
Ken Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:16pm
Yes there Opher goes again opining on America with again absolutely no knowledge of the facts.  It isn't your country being overrun though so let us keep doing it right?  You truly are pathetic. 
for anyone to complain that this is false or racist is the height of ignorance. We have the most lenient immigration policies in the WORLD allowing more than 1 million LEGAL people to migrate to America annually.  36% of our population is foreign born.
To imply that this is false or racist is hypocritical.  90% of all heroin in America comes across the southern border.  Enough phentonyl came into America through the southern border last year to kill every last American - there is the source of the Opiate addiction problem.
did you not see the 4000 murder, 100,00 sexual assaults and on and on?
The fact that the rates are down doesn't mean it isn't an emergency.  400,000 were still apprehended.  How many do you think came across that weren't?
The hate for defending our country is unreasonable and completely political.  Your visceral hatred for Trump (as well as the democrats in congress) refuse to all them to do anything to work with him at all.
On top of that, democrats know that without changing the demographics they can't get back in power because most of middle america has rejected their extreme left wing socialist progressivism.
And on top of that, constantly calling anything you disagree with "racist" belittles the meaning of racism and belittles your argument.  There is nothing inherently racist about protecting our sovereignty.
You folks on the left try to shut down the argument by using terms like "racist" "homophobic" "xenophobic" whatever.  You try to imply you have the high moral ground and anyone that disagrees with you is a deplorable (fill in the .....ist blank) lowlife.
that is simply a false, and frankly insulting argument
Leroy Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:23pm
Better border security will pay for itself.  I don't think it is an inconvenience to have to register on the way in.  I would prefer they not enter at all until the claim has been processed.  That is how it worked in our case.  We did it legally and it was a pain in the arse.
We should change the laws on chain immigration.  It is out of control.  For example, an uncle of a colleague from Africa won the visa lottery.  He brought his family.  Then all the siblings, nieces, nephews, and parents.  Think it isn't possible?  Think again.
Ken Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:26pm
During Trumps trip, Raul Ortiz of the border patrol stated that just yesterday 450 people were apprehended at the border 133 from countries OTHER than Mexico and Central America, they were from Pakistan, China, India, and on and on.
How many WEREN'T apprehended that got across?
Yep, there is nothing going on that isn't unusual and it is all about racism!
Ryan Messano Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:27pm
And, Badlose knows he is lost.  He shuts up real quick on a post where conservatives can answer him back.  On his own, he desperately deletes our comments.  What a cowardly cretin you are Badlose.  I'd tell you to be ashamed, but that's an emotion you liberals don't understand.  Like animals, it's foreign to you.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:28pm
Wat Leroy and Ken said, X 10
Leroy Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:50pm

"He is stoking up hatred with his diatribes about gangs, drugs, rapists and murderers. These people are not that."
Tell that to the family of the cop recently murdered in the line of duty, or to any of the families that have been victims of illegal immigrants.  You say that it could have been anybody.  We'll, it wasn't.  These people would be alive and well if it weren't for illegal immigration.  Disagree?  Then you are an accessory to murder.

Jeff Michka Added Jan 11, 2019 - 3:19pm
Yeah, Leroy...."Waddaboutism"  All those "illegals" are coming for you folks in NC.  They'll be parking taco food trucks on every street corner to process all the white bodies. And now anyone disagreeing with "round 'em all up and get rid of them" is a accessory to murder?  That statement makes you just an accessory to white supremacy and racism.  All you whities believe this "murders and rapist" shit only because you actually believe what the Orange shitbag tells you.  No Wall and he thinks you'll desert him like rats from a sinking ship.  "Basites?"  Bah. 
Ryan Messano Added Jan 11, 2019 - 3:57pm
Unintelligible gibberish, the usual from the Michka animal.  Did not read.
Riley Brown Added Jan 11, 2019 - 6:41pm
This seems to be a contest between liberals who want anyone who would like to live in the US to be able to, and conservatives who think that won't work in the best interest of US taxpayers because open borders usually attract people who need tax funded assistance.
Personally I'd like to let the liberals have their way, provided they sponsor all the immigrants themselves.  If the liberals are right that won't cost them any money, and if they are wrong it won't cost the conservatives any money.
Somehow I think the liberals know that's a losing bet and will continue to want open borders that all taxpayers have to pay for.
Bill H. Added Jan 11, 2019 - 6:48pm
Same ERW excuses and statements.
Sorry, but EVERYONE wants the best border security. But some of us want it done in the right way, with the best bang for the buck.
More technology and more staffing is the way to go.
Building an archaic, expensive, and labor-intensive Monument to Trump's hate and ego is not the way to go.
Ken Added Jan 11, 2019 - 8:23pm
Sorry, but EVERYONE wants the best border security. But some of us want it done in the right way, with the best bang for the buck.
More technology and more staffing is the way to go.
Building an archaic, expensive, and labor-intensive Monument to Trump's hate and ego is not the way to go.
Not only is that not true, it is flat out lie.  Everyone doesn't want the best borer security.  Many democrats have called for open borders.  I have posted the links many times.  The fact that you deny it shows how disingenuous you are.  best bang for the buck?  That is a wall.  Everywhere that is a wall on the southern border, EVERYWHERE, has shown a steep reduction in cross over where the wall was built.  The wall is less expensive than staffing and technology.  You can have lower staffing with more wall and cover more area.  If you are 10 miles away and the drone sees someone running across the border, what are you going to do but watch them vanish into the interior.
Your statement as are most of your statements is just asinine.
To say it is archaic and labor intensive is just WRONG.
ChetDude Added Jan 11, 2019 - 9:22pm
Report from the Border...
I lived for 8 years quite close to the border between Arizona and our brothers and sisters in Senora, MX.
For those of us who lived there, this is a complete non-issue.  The very few who complained were mainly gun freaks/wanna' be militia who wanted to shoot "Mexicans" and a couple of wack job far-right-wing sheriffs running for re-election (racist Joe Arpaio wanna' be's).  The PEOPLE who lived near the border rarely had any problems with anyone but the Border Patrol.
The goddamn wall was pretty fucking ugly though.  A scar on the landscape.
Ironically, the 2.8 Million Acre Tohono O'odham Nation comprises 1/3 of the border between Arizona and Mexico and extends into both countries with folks crossing back and forth all of the time through that natural migration corridor.
Find something real to worry about like Trump-induced nuclear war and AGW/Climate Change, kids.
ChetDude Added Jan 11, 2019 - 9:23pm
PS: the wall is also VERY porous.  Anyone who really wants to get here can get here, clowns...
Bill H. Added Jan 11, 2019 - 10:42pm
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 6:19am
"Anyone who really wants to get here can get here, clowns..."
Anyone who wants to kill people will find a way to kill people ... so why try to ban the firearms? For that matter, since we cannot catch all the murderers, why not just quit working at it? 
Do you begin to see how asinine the argument becomes when scrutinized even slightly? 
FacePalm Added Jan 12, 2019 - 9:43am
Yet Congress approved the funds to help both the Israelis to build and finish THEIR quite-effective Wall, and recently appropriated half a billion of US taxpayer funds for Jordan's 287-mile Wall, too, currently under construction.  Wonder what Jordanians think of THEIR wall?
One way or another, the Wall will be built - whatever euphemism-du-jour, like "barrier," becomes acceptable to the hypocritical democrats, especially those like Pelosi and Schumer who were strong proponents of EXACTLY what Trump is going to get done TODAY less than 12 years ago.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 9:47am
Egypt built a wall to defend against the traffic to and from the Gaza Strip. We gave Mexico a billion dollars (With no strings attached per their demands) to build a wall on their southern border. 
As recently as 2015 a great many democrats were actively seeking to build the wall. Gee. I wonder what has changed since then? 
Jeff Michka Added Jan 12, 2019 - 10:46am
Ranting/ravinglying Kenny tries the "They want "open borders" and 'they' have CALLED for them."  Really?  That's really big news so there should be lots of unedited quotes and cites.  You loser and racist honkies always make this claim.  Last time 'rilla gave cites that would even embarass Ryan (if that's possible), so good luck, Kenny the lying leamo.  And ol WARD feels safe with another uncited lie about a billion dollars being given to Mexico to "build a wall."  Cite?  And if it's government, which agency and call the budget line item.  But we know you can't.  Go grab some freeze dried food and wait for the prepper apocalypse, Ward. 
Steel Breeze Added Jan 12, 2019 - 10:47am
if the fence around my yard,and the locks on my doors, are 'racist'.....so be it....
Dino Manalis Added Jan 12, 2019 - 1:31pm
 Racism is personal, while illegal immigration has been a chronic problem.  Most of them come legally and overstay their visas.  We need to evaluate everyone and all vehicles that cross our borders.
Jim Stoner Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:05pm
Someone not too long ago here had a better solution to the problem of illegal migration into the US:  better enforcement of employers' use of undocumented workers.  That will be decisive in reducing the economic component, though that is not truly a problem on today's borders today. 
The main issue today is desperate families and individuals seeking to escape tragic, life-endangering conditions in their home countries in Central America.  The wall will not solve that problem, unless your point of view is that they should not be allowed to apply for asylum--something the US has committed to do as required under international law.  (I know how much some of you hate the very idea of international law; too bad; it's not going away!)
Ken, you seem to have no comprehension of the fact that migration, for both refugees and economic reasons, is an issue all around the world. I am not an advocate of open borders, unless the countries on both sides find they are an acceptable risk; neither am I fan of closed borders.  US can do better than that. 
Finally, Face Palm, yes,  US did effectively contribute money which was used for wall construction between Jordan and Iraq, and between Jewish and Muslim areas within Palestine under Israeli control.  Both were shameful.  The Israelis (many of them, anyway) feel Sharon's Wall was good policy, in that their citizens are more secure, but that is very much short-term thinking.  In the end, that wall will come down, though it may take generations.  It is an offense to humanity.  
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:49pm
I will try to find the references, but it may take some time. I remember it as I was living in La Villa Hermosa at the time ... in Southern Mexico where we were very much impacted by illegal border crossings. Seems to me it was around 2000 but I have to dig deep to get those references. Having spent more than half my life as a minority and an immigrant, I do hope you will forgive me if I openly scoff at any efforts to paint me with your racist (I cannot find any other attacks to make) brush. Mind you, should that be the only argument you can come up with, I challenge you to open your eyes some to the world outside your little bubble. 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:49pm
Nearly half my life perhaps.
Thomas Sutrina Added Jan 12, 2019 - 3:23pm
"Just another guy", obviously an average dude. What I read is the typical answer expected from someone that is willing to go along to get along.  A member of what the socialist call the collective and the Roman Empire tagged the mob.  If the leader of the mob give a good image then I will join in with him and I will see if those around me also like the image.  Leaders treat that gathering of people as a single entity, mob or collective.  Individualism, thinking for one self, for those in the mob is hard work and the rewards are not worth the effort.
To choose to be an individual is hard work and it is very risky.  But I can not find one successful person that has chosen the collective approach to life.   That simple, Just another guy. 
The emergency is not at the border it has already infiltrate every corner of the nation.  It seen by a bag of drugs sold.  A car jacking,  A home invasion or mugging in broad daylight, a drive by shooting,  an assassinated policeman or women, an illegal criminal not deported.  And the list is much longer. 
Illegal alien with a fake Social Security card that got him through E-verify murdered a women runner grabbing her in broad daylight.   That job held by the person could have replaces a welfare card or removed a gang member from the city streets.  Maybe prevented a drive by shooting.   That job could be your job or mine or a friends.  As it is the reason wages have been stagnate for more then a decade is the influx of those illegal workers.  That is the emergency at the border coming to your front door.
The emergency is that the GOP swamp want the low cost labor and will even accept cartel controlled slave labor, turn an eye away from this even bigger crime, human trafficking that touches now every corner of the country.  Unknown a decade ago.   That is why the GOP house and senate didn't put forth bill to fund barriers on the border.
The emergency is that the Democrats change their tune after ~ 2014 when they realized that demographics of the nation is changing in their favor if the illegal immigrants get the right to vote.  They will have a government like South Africa, a one party state.  The ability to use government power to make the opposition second class citizens.  It will take 40 years for the GOP to recover if it can.
Trump is a John Kennedy Democrat that is not a member of either of the present parties.  That is why we elected him and that is why he will fail unless we give the politicians no choice.   
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 3:40pm
This is not the particular instance I was referring to, though this is only part of a Two Billion Dollar initiative to assist Mexico in securing its Southern Border ... oh ... and La Villa Hermosa ... esta por alla en Veracruz en el Sur del Mexico donde estaba viviendo. I lived in Mexico for a few years. You? 
I believe this initiative began much later as I have not actively lived in Mexico since 99 or so. 
"Between this rise in migration and a heavy presence of organized crime and trafficking groups, this region is receiving greater attention from Mexico—and the United States. It was not a central geographic focus in the first years of the “Mérida Initiative,” the framework that has guided nearly US$2 billion in U.S. security aid to Mexico since 2008. Starting in about 2011, however, U.S. officials began regularly declaring intentions to increase assistance to help both Mexico and Guatemala beef up their border security measures. That year, the U.S. Defense Department quietly launched a “Mexico-Guatemala-Belize Border Region Program,” providing as much as US$50 million for “patrol boats, night vision equipment, communications equipment, maritime sensors, and associated training” from the Pentagon’s counter-drug budget. “The Guatemalan border with Chiapas is now our southern border,” Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for International Affairs Alan Bersin has said."