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This writer is not a huge fan of our President. As a Conservative — I did not vote for him, although I can understand how and why many others did. People were worn down and tired, tired of getting beaten down by the Left and the Main Stream Media (MSM), then Trump stepped in and stood up for them. I was tired too, but I still had a standard that Trump did not meet. I wrote in my candidate (Ted Cruz), and some of my conservative friends could not understand why? They felt it was a wasted vote and no different than voting for Hillary. I disagree, here’s why. Trump did not EARN my vote, plain and simple. It was MY vote and I gave it to Cruz, my conscience is clean.


Trump, in my opinion, is not “Presidential”, articulate, honest or humble. These are qualities I look for in a candidate. I don’t like how he treats people who disagree with him, especially when it is a legitimate criticism, not just a bash. I could go on, but that’s not what this is about. Moving forward, it’s been a couple years since I didn’t vote for him, and I have to be honest — I like a lot of what he has done for the country so far. I am not excusing him for the aforementioned shortfalls. He still continues to annoy me and sounds like a buffoon when he goes off the teleprompter. However, I am smart enough to give credit where credit is due. The phrase “Actions speak louder than words” comes to mind as I pay attention more to what he’s done than the silly things he says. Although I face palm often after he tries to sound smart on something he is not, I understand this is just how he is. As a Veteran and still currently serving, Trump is my Commander in Chief. I like his support for the military, an improved economy and securing our border.


So what is this all about? It is about the MSM (and the Left) constantly working against Trump on everything just because they don’t like him. It is about blaming Trump, and those who support him, for everything that is wrong with the country. He can do nothing right and will never get credit when he deserves it. When he does get a tiny shred of credit, he is still criticized for something within it, like the day of the week he did it on, the tie he was wearing or who was with him. They detract from the positive to draw attention to something negative. If you support Trump, you are racist and deplorable. Someone is bound to get “triggered” and need a “safe space” if a Trump supporter is around.


When Obama was President, he could do no wrong. He was the best President ever and if you dare to criticize him you were a racist. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama was criticized by the media for what she was wearing, like they do to Melania? The double standard and hypocrisy is incredible! The media is indeed, biased. Obama no doubt was the one who began the split in this country dividing us over race and apologizing to other nations for decades of our spreading democracy and freedom. Many Americans chose sides and the MSM loved it. Divide and conquer! …or was it? This is a big part of the reason Trump won, because enough of one side was fed up and turned out to vote while everyone else assumed Hillary was a sure thing and stayed home.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM was fair, impartial and honest? Isn’t that their job? They used to be, as far as I can remember (I’m 50). Surely they always have been more favorable to a Democrat, but this is completely out of control. When I went to college, as I’m sure many in the MSM have, there was this one small requirement you had to meet when submitting a paper. Obtain a certain amount of credible primary and secondary sources and refer to them during your research. I guess now, as a journalist, the editor does not hold them to the same standards. 


I have never seen anything like this and it is becoming dangerous. We have a huge amount of Americans who believe anything you put in front of them, no matter what it is. They only read the headlines, maybe the first paragraph then instantly get triggered, draw a conclusion and sometimes act out. Thanks to Oprah the term “Your Truth” is now a thing, and the actual TRUTH matters not if you don’t like it. No one seems to care where anything is coming from, who is reporting it or what is their agenda. The media constantly fails to put things IN context or report the truth. If it is drama and makes conservatives look bad, they put it out there. If it is someone on the Left, they look the other way or make excuses. The Media should be ashamed of themselves and so too the Sheeple who feed in to it and never question anything.


Yes, I am just another schmuck on a keyboard with an opinion. So why would anyone listen to me? I don’t know, but to remain silent and say nothing is no different than condoning it all. My advice to the MSM and the mindless zombies who eat up this garbage — The manner in which you treat Trump garners sympathy and support for him, including me. Can we do better at choosing a President? Maybe, but we’ve had worse. Even though Trump is flawed, out of spite, I will vote for him this next election. So will many others who didn’t before. You are not being responsible and have lost your credibility. Stop with the agenda, report the facts, the truth and keep things in context, on both sides. Your days are numbered and people are tuning you out. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Because the truth in not aligned with your agenda? Perhaps THAT is the problem. Remember, GOOD will always triumph over evil, it always does in the end. Unfortunately, often times a lot of good people get hurt in the process. I don’t want anyone to get hurt by the FAKE news you report, and neither should you. If you feel I’m wrong, prove me wrong.


God Bless America!


Cullen Kehoe Added Feb 2, 2019 - 5:41am
"Stop with the agenda, report the facts, the truth and keep things in context, on both sides. Your days are numbered and people are tuning you out. "
Agree completely.
Obama was a blah president who did almost nothing in his second term. You could make an argument that he was lazy. The ObamaCare website kept crashing when it went live. The "shovel-ready" projects weren't as shovel-ready as he thought.
I think Obama dropped the ball by having artists such as Beyonce and Jay-Z to the White House all the time. These people were terrible role models.
Obama partly dropped the ball on the Arab Spring. But he outsmarted the intelligence community on Syria and kept America out of it. (Apparently he didn't mind being called weak, he wasn't going to get involved in another Middle East war.) 
I have no idea what Obama did in his final months in office. The Iran deal? The Russian sanctions? The vote against Israel at the UN?  The spying on Trump.
FacePalm Added Feb 2, 2019 - 7:29am
One of the things D'OhBama did in his last month in office was to give BILLIONS to "counter disinformation" and etc., which funding just recently ran out, which is why Buzzfeed just fired so many people, and multiple other left-wing orgs are also reducing their staffs.
Why Trump didn't take that bull by the horns earlier is a problem, but he sortof had other priorities on his mind, like re-negotiating trade deals, getting NoKo to the bargaining table, making NATO pay up, and thousands of other things, great and small, which any president must attend to, like celebrating various anniversaries of this or that, and honoring all kinds of people by making proclamations about them...or pardoning people in his "spare time."
i am still wary of Trump, despite how often i praise his accomplishments on behalf of Americans(and he WILL build the Wall), because despite his claim to "drain the swamp," he's surrounded himself with swamp creatures who not only discourage multiple initiatives(like releasing ALL of the FISA warrant info, ALL of the JFK files, etc.) but also deliberately either slow-walk or disobey his orders as Commander-in-Chief.  To his credit, when he finds people are doing this to him, he fires them - but i believe he got some REALLY bad advice in re: the new DoJ head, Barr i think his name is - for he and Mueller go WAY back, and their wives even go to the same church!
But since Barr serves "at the pleasure" of the President, he can fire him, too, should the need arise - it remains to be seen if he'll engage the multiple OTHER people - usually well-connected democrats - who've ALSO been caught lying to Congress, and if he'll arrest them just like Meuller's team did with Stone and Manafort...especially The Liar, BJ Billy's wife.
i truly look forward to the Great Day when she's frog-marched to the nearby Black Maria for her processing and arraignment.  Destroying docs and equipment under subpoena is a major crime, far worse than lying to Congress(which she repeatedly did, too), yet where is her pre-dawn raid?  Then, there's Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Ohr'n'wife, ad nauseum.  Lots of corruption yet to be cleaned up and sterilized.
Thomas Sutrina Added Feb 2, 2019 - 9:26am
I find myself having a similar opinion of Trump.  I use the Mark Levin approach.  I would vote for an Liver pate before a DIM.  I hate liver in any form.  But as a resident of Illinois my vote for even a RINO doesn't count.
As a conservative we have a responsibility to help Trump focus on what is important.   He responds to the comments as we have seen a few time including his border wall stand.
Note that ~ 150 fly over country electoral votes are in play for the 2020 election.  Conservatives that were Ted Cruz supporters like you are votes he needs.  The other group are the ~30 % of Democrats that vote for Obama that voted for Trump in 2016.  
2000 George W. Bush EC 271 popular 50M
Albert Gore EC 266 popular 51M               total 101M

2004 George W. Bush EC 286 popular 62M
John Kerry EC 251 popular 59M                 total 121M

2008 John McCain EC 173 popular 59M
Barack Obama EC 365 popular 69M          total 128M

2012 Mitt Romney EC 206 popular 60M
Barack Obama EC 332 popular 65M           total 125M

2016 Donald Trump EC 290 popular 60M
Hillary Clinton EC 228 popular 61M          total 121M
The GOP votes in the last four elections are flat.  The decision has been determined by the turn out of DIM votes.   The assured GOP and DIM votes are an even match.  So the important thing is which party inspires people to come out for them.  9/11 did it for Bush.  Obama's message did it in 08 and his performance  harmed him in 12.   Obama's performance and Hillary attitude like Kerry showed up in 04 & 16.   
Finally  the counties win count in 2016 is:  Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57,  about 2 % of the area of the nation.  Basically the cities that welfare bought. 
Most impoverished cities and when DIMMS took control:
Detroit, MI 61; Buffalo, NY 54; Cincinnati, OH 84; Cleveland, OH 89; Miami, FL forever; St. Louis, MO 49; El Paso, TX forever; Milwaukee, WI 08; Philadelphia, PA 52; and Newark, NJ 07  
Steel Breeze Added Feb 2, 2019 - 9:48am
a well reasoned and presented piece, my thoughts are pretty much along the same lines as yours......results are what really matters in the long term,but unfortunately,too many folk nowadays are more emotionaly wrapped up in rooting for their "team" than for America....
Allen William Added Feb 2, 2019 - 10:52am
Thanks to you all for your comments.  Faceplam, I will always be warry of Trump, but if he doesn't build the wall, or at least secure the funding for it, I think it's over for him.
Thomas, thanks for that breakdown on voting, this sure does show a lot.  And Steel Breeze, you hit it right on the head with the team concept.  It should be right and wrong, not Left and Right.  BTW, Love your profile pics.  Pink Floyd, miss them...
Dino Manalis Added Feb 2, 2019 - 11:28am
 Trump is one of a kind and appeals to Midwestern Democrats with his trade policies.
Spartacus Added Feb 2, 2019 - 1:00pm
Good writeup, Allen.
Interesting, the very thing you dislike about Trump is what I find most appealing.  He fights.  He is not PC.  He speaks his mind . . . no facades.
The polish and pomp that you want in a president are things that are easiest to manufacture in front of cameras and the press.
Trump does not lie -- unless you think every commercial or ad you see is also lying.  He is a salesman and a businessman.  People seem to want polished politicians which are the worst liers of them all.  Please, tell me what president in modern history never lied (or stretched the truth) and met your impossible standard.
Bill H. Added Feb 2, 2019 - 2:49pm
"Trump does not lie"??
For Christ's sake, Willie.….
He is the biggest liar of a President in the history of the US by leaps and bounds! Yes, probably all past Presidents have told some lies, but nothing even close to Trumps daily untruths.
ChetDude Added Feb 2, 2019 - 6:07pm
What little that was left of the "left" policies and programs that were co-opted by the New Deal Democrats to save capitalism from itself for a few more decades have been eviscerated during the counter-revolution of the Plutocrat Class from 1971 until their shameless installation of a creature from their own class - the big orange turd Trump.
If you knew anything about anything you would realize that it's the Oligarchs who have f*cked you over, not the mythical "left wing" that alas, has NEVER held power in this country...
As for Trump, he's an amazingly accurate spokes-model, big mouth, uneducated, ignorant mouthpiece for the Idocracy that USAmerica has become...the perfect Ugly American...
ChetDude Added Feb 2, 2019 - 6:12pm
Anyone who wants to know what's really happened in USAmerica over the last 48 years should peruse the framework used along with a few billion dollars of uber-capitalist money for the propaganda machine that finally resulted in the crashlet of 2007 and Trump v Hillary...
The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations

The Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto)first published August 23, 1971

Thanks to the plan, the Big Collapse is coming soon to a failed state near you...
TexasLynn Added Feb 2, 2019 - 6:29pm
This is one of the most dead-on posts published on WB in some time.  But… on the left it will fall on deaf ears.  The TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) runs too deep.  I suspect this is the case across the nation (world actually).
We have a lot in common.  I was a Cruz supporter during the primary.  Well before Cruz was eliminated, I had promised myself I would not vote for a non-conservative in this election (and many in the primary were not conservatives).  I was just fed up with having to settle for McCain and Romney in previous elections.  I regretted it and was not going to do a third time in a row.
Thus, I did not vote for Trump since he is not a conservative.  Unlike you, I wrote in “None of the above” on my ballot… but the intent was the same.  Not compromising and standing on principle was very cathartic.
Now that Trump is President; I’m with you.  Objectively he’s done some things I really like.  And, objectively, I often cringe at his demeanor and yes… shallowness and thin skin.  The left (including the MSM) actually has plenty of legitimate stuff to throw at Trump, but, because they throw everything, and scream lies constantly… it’s like the boy who cried wolf.  Nobody (except the sycophants) is paying attention anymore.
Now, with the TDS of the left and the Media… I’m almost guaranteed to vote for Trump in the next election.  And the cabal of socialists lining up to run against him?  It’s scary our nation has reached a point where any of them are even considered by a major party.
I will disagree with one key point in your post as I’ve already hammered poor FacePalm on this repeatedly.  It is not my experience that “GOOD will always triumph over evil, it always does in the end.”  We should never assume that in the affairs of men, IMO.
Anyway… like I said…excellent post.
Randy131 Added Feb 2, 2019 - 8:34pm
I too was a supporter of Ted Cruz, but when he and all the other candidates chastised Trump, who I thought was pulling a publicity stunt, for not assuring them that he would back and support whomever won the primaries and got the nomination at the convention.  Then when Trump won, hardly any of them would back and support Trump when he won the nomination at the convention, especially Ted Cruz.  That angered me greatly, that the person I thought would make the best candidate for President, turned out to be a hypocrite, for I too put a lot of emphasis on loyalty, as I took the oath of Semper Fi (Fidelis).
I don't care how rude, crude, and crass President Trump is, as long as he produces the results that all the sweet-talking Republicans have been promising us for the last two decades, but have never succeeded in fulfilling any of their promises.  I'm tired of watching these polite and soft-talking Republicans capitulate to the Democrats' demands, especially when the Democrats are in the minority and the Republicans are in the majority, which happened in all of Obama's last six years as President.  I don't mind President Trump talking like construction workers do, which I have been around most of my life, but only care that President Trump keeps succeeding and accomplishing all his campaign promises, one at a time, and never quits trying to fulfill all of them.
The USA has become a much better place since President Trump was inaugurated, and the American people are also much better off, and all the things that he is accomplishing will also make the next two years great also, as has his first two years being exceptional for all Americans, while President Trump has put them first, and is definitely "Making America Great Again", and as it looks even more greater in the future.  I can overlook a lot of things when people don't lie to me, and fulfill their promises, and keep on fighting for me and my country, like Lincoln described why he overlooked many things that U.S. Grant would do, because U.S. Grant would fight and accomplish things that Linciln's other generals were incapable of.
Stone-Eater Added Feb 2, 2019 - 9:14pm
Trump is ok so far. He did NOT YET start a new war. That's unusual for a warmongering country whose arms exports and maintaining 700 bases around the planet cost a lot and by no action no profit.
Randy131 Added Feb 3, 2019 - 12:52am
Whenever I try to determine how well a President is performing, I like to compare him with the previous President. 
First comparison is with the economy.  President Trump's economy being one of the greatest ever, in just two years creating over 4.5 million jobs, while Obama's economy, if you look at the financial statistics, was one of the worse ever that was not in a recession, despite what Obama, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media have tried to convince the American people of. 
President Trump created 304,000 jobs just in January 2019, when the federal government was shutdown, yet the "US Unemployment Rate" ticked up, because they added some of the unemployed Americans back into the "US Workforce" that Obama had dropped to get his unemployment rate to go down, because he couldn't create enough jobs to make the unemployment rate to go down by putting Americans back to work, so he just dropped unemployed Americans from the "US Workforce" by the tens of millions, during supposedly 7 1/2 straight years of an economic recovery that Obama announced in June 2009.  Obama dropped unemployed Americans from the "US Workforce" in all of his 96 months as President, never adding a single one back in, in order to keep his unemployment rate falsely low, which dropped the American people's participation rate in the "US Workforce" to it's lowest level in over 40 years, but since President Trump came to office, they have been adding many of those dropped unemployed Americans back into the "US Workforce" every single month that he's been President, because he is creating so many jobs, the unemployment rate still came down, and when it didn't, it barely went up, and the American people's participation rate is increasing to a near normal level.
Concerning deficits and national debt, Obama added over $10 trillion to the national debt by averaging a deficit for his first term of $1.45 trillion a year for four years, and the deficit during his second term, when added to his first term, averaged every year for 8 years a $1.35 trillion deficit, when no President in US history ever came close to a trillion dollar deficit for just one year, let alone for 8 straight years, which 7 1/2 straight years the US was supposed to be in an economic recovery.  Obama had increased "Welfare & Food Stamp" payments by so much that those programs averaged over $1.1 trillion a year for 8 years, a huge part of his deficits, when no other President paid out even a third of that amount for "Welfare & Food Stamps".  But why was this happening during 7 1/2 straight years of Obama's supposed economic recovery?  It happened because Obama couldn't create enough jobs in an economic recovery for 7 1/2 straight years, and was dropping tens of millions of unemployed Americans from the "US Workforce", never adding any of them back in during his 96 months as President, and the only way these people could live is if they went on "Welfare & Food Stamps".
Where did Obama get all the trillions of dollars to cover his extremely high deficits, caused mainly by "Welfare & Food Stamp" payments to all those unemployed Americans he dropped from the "US Workforce"?  Normally the US Treasury supplies the money to cover the deficits by selling US Treasury Bonds, and rolling-over all those which came to maturity, so they didn't have to pay more money out, and this had been the normal procedures for nearly 70 years.  But Obama's deficits were so extremely high, that the normal buyers of our US Treasury Bonds (China, Russia, Japan, European countries, and oil rich Sheikdoms, and they never bought these high amounts before, which is what scared them from investing in those US Treasury Bonds) quit buying them, and quit rolling-over the bonds they had that come to maturity, and instead demanded payment.  So the US Treasury in Obama's first year couldn't sell enough US Treasury Bonds to cover his trillion dollar deficits, so where did Obama get the money to cover his huge deficits?  Obama had the Federal Reserve Board print up new fiat dollars out of thin air (mostly done electronically) with no intrinsic value, to cover all of Obama's 8 years of over trillion dollar deficits, and what has caused the huge inflation in energy and food stuffs, things that Bill Clinton had dropped from the inflation calculations so his first two years of recession wouldn't look as bad as it actually was, caused mainly by the tax increase that the Democrat controlled US Congress forced on George Bush, despite his "read my lips" promise not to raise taxes.  So for the 8 years of Obama's extremely high deficits, they were being paid by the Federal Reserve Board fiat dollars used to buy those US Treasury Bonds that was actually covering Obama's "Welfare & Food Stamp" payments, forcing a trillion dollars a year into an economy that
Allen William Added Feb 3, 2019 - 2:08am
Interesting how so many here can read the same piece yet a small number can still interpret it differently.  There are a small number of those commenting actually proving me right in my argument.  Some are quoting things I never wrote, others are taking one thing and running with it, likely not reading the whole article to the end.
This is about the MSM's fake news, propaganda and the ignorant Americans who are too lazy to find the truth or even believe it when they see it with their eyes.  One commenter hit it on the head here saying (my words) it has a lot to do with staying with their TEAM.  This is true, and they will likely stay with their team no matter how they play the game. This herein lies a problem to debate another day.
Ward Tipton Added Feb 3, 2019 - 6:50am
Allen William - Welcome to Writer Beat. You will always find a unique variety of voices here and many of us will extrapolate and emphasize points other than those raised in the original article. It can tend to make for some very interesting discussions ... though as you can see, there will always be detractors from both sides of the political partying aisles.
As for Trump? Until we get someone up for election I can vote for with a clean conscience, I will continue to refrain ... not that I have any choice at present, but that is a different topic. However, anyone who can piss off the Establishment Elite and the American Aristocracy on both the left and the right ... does give me some hope. 
Thomas Sutrina Added Feb 3, 2019 - 8:38am
Allen W. the Mark Levin statement of. 'willing to vote for and orange juice can over a Democrat', is not quite a team statement.  It is the rejection of a team, the socialist/Marxist agenda of the Democratic Party.  Levin and conservatives do not have a team and have not presented a message.  We have RINOS  that say they are conservatives.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lead the pack.  Even John McCain and Mitch Romney were running as 'conservative.'   The libertarians also run as conservatives.  
With such diversity their is no such thing as team 'conservative.'  The RINOS  and Democrats in 2010 used the IRS to destroy the closes thing to team 'conservative/libertarian,' the tea party.   RINOS are the main speakers as the CPAC.  So that 'conservative' organization has long since been managed by RINOS.    The GOP Senate and House campaign funds are not provided for 'conservative' candidates and in fact they have supported Democrats when they loose the primary which doesn't happen often due to the money thrown in by the GOP campaign funds.
The 'teams' are those bought and paid for by the swamp which are the big state leviathan supporting representatives, the Democrat and RINO candidates.   There is no such thing as a conservative team.

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