The American Right's Gross Dishonesty on Gay Marriage - Or - Your Faith is not America's Guide

There have, in fact, been strong, correctly done and repeated genetic studies in addition to separate longitudinal studies of families which include gay members that have made it very clear that being gay is anything but a 'lifestyle choice.' 
There have also been excellent longitudinal studies of gay couples parenting children which have demonstrated that children parented by gay couples most often do quite well, are not at all at any 'unique' risk and are not 'drawn' into gay lifestyles (this is, of course, since being gay is not a 'lifestyle choice').

An important point is that repeating an inaccuracy over and over doesn't make it accurate and your faith is not America's guide. This, even though I'm guessing that people will put various links on this string in an attempt to place a false 'scientific' value in their belief structure.
But there are also countless links which claim and presume to 'document' that a majority of the delegates to America's first Constitutional Convention in 1787 were Pastors/Ministers. And despite those countless links, this point is without question, patently incorrect.
There are countless links which identify that abortions early in life increase the probability of breast cancer in women which are absolutely incorrect. 
There are huge numbers of links which often even go into amoral descriptions and offer supposed 'documentation' that gay couples are not competent or capable of raising children in a safe and healthy way. Those links are wholly incorrect, too.
For point, lots of heterosexual unions are unable to 'produce children' and are not monogamous. Does that make theirs less of a 'marriage?'

Should heterosexual couples first have to 'certify' their fertility and ability to biologically reproduce with one another? How absurd do we want to go, exactly?
I recently saw a photograph of a church front yard sign - Episcopal I think but can't remember the denomination for certain - which said "we're sorry if gay marriage threatens the sanctity of your 4th marriage."

We are all welcome to believe as we wish - that is what originally formed America (remember your American history?). 

But so many individuals proudly hold onto their 'belief' that being gay is a 'lifestyle choice' as if it is even the remotest fact despite this having been demonstrated to be inaccurate again and again.

In doing so, these same individuals are no longer in a position to participate in an informed discussion of the topic outside of their own religious or faith based preferences with those who share those religious and faith based preferences and individual interpretation of god.

'Marriage' is really nothing more than a legally identified, state sanctioned, mutually responsible/accountable relationship. I read somewhere a long time ago that romance is love and marriage is business. 
Faith is that of the individual....and, like it or not, is wholly irrelevant to the larger national discussion. And THIS is a point which needs to be clearly understood and, ultimately, accepted.
Your 'god' is neither my 'god' nor the 'god' of a huge number of other people and, therefore, does not dictate rule, law, common standards or, most certainly, a framework for 'marriage.'
Your 'god' also does not, therefore, get to make the rules. How you live and believe is up to is not up to you to tell anyone else how they should live or believe.

A big reason why the neo-theological right persists with these kinds of vile and incorrect talking points which are then picked up by portions of the American electorate and repeated regardless of their relevance or accuracy is that they, truly, have no sustainable or valid argument on the issue of gay marriage.


And without real validity; without, in many instances even a true moral center, the neo-theological American Right needs to keep sustained attention and fundraising on themselves.


As they have continued to recognize that even a majority of conservative Americans are repelled by attempts to 'legislate' discrimination, do not support pressing individual faith on others, are repelled by the demonization of an entire group of people; those talking points have and will continue to become more and more desperate; more and more vitriolic and more and more inaccurate. 


The neo-theological Right, as it loses this wager in America, has actually and increasingly started to export its hate and violent homophobia to such places as Russia and Africa. And this statement, folks, is absolute fact. Look up Scott Lively as but one example.


And while the majority of 'traditional' married persons make for loving and caring parents, there are still a great number of children who suffer extremes of neglect and abuse; physical, emotional and sexual abuse within the bounds of 'traditional' marriage. 
One very large study of teenage girls and teen pregnancy about 10 years ago identified that almost 2/3 had experienced some form of sexual abuse from family members at younger ages. And a noteworthy percentage of those girls had experienced what the researchers identified as 'significant' sexual abuse to include pregnancy via incest within the bounds of the supposedly 'traditional' family.
As a child severe behavior specialist, I would not even begin to describe the children I've supported and treated over the years parented in 'traditional' marriages who had directly observed and/or experienced, been victimized by, gross sexual misbehavior, activity and very much include observing events and forced experiences far more horrific still. 

Domestic violence also occurs at a much higher frequency than typically understood or recognized with its repellent impact, most often on women and, almost always, the children. I've worked with these children and families as well.

And NONE of these children to whom I refer and have worked with were being parented by gay parents. Not one.
There is absolutely no reason and, in fact, studies that give all reason to 'believe' that children being raised by gay parents are not only NOT at any kind of unique risk but most very often do very well. And we also have very well done and repeated studies which clearly demonstrate that being gay, itself, is anything but a 'lifestyle choice.'

Repeating the same gross inaccuracies time and time again just further debases the credibility of those who continue to offer those arguments. It also allows the system to overlook those children and 'traditional' families who really and sincerely need help and extra support.

All this, along with the very important point that neither America nor any other American, is responsible to your individual faith and belief system.