Al Sharpton is a Symptom not a Cause OR Have You no Shame?

I am NOT a fan and never have cared for Al Sharpton. Sharpton, however, is at least reacting to things that are happening even if he gets way carried away at times. Sharpton does, at least, force people who would otherwise close their drapes and eyes to at least know something is happening. 

Others like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee simply lie about America, present revisionist American  history and propaganda that would have made Goebbels proud. They then have the audacity to pretend that since everybody else does not follow their perverted version of faith and god means that somehow their religious freedom is being denied. That is pure garbage.
America also is not and never has been intended to be a...'Christian' nation.

The recurring and bottom feeding Republican and Conservative strategy of finding bogeymen whether white, black, 'liberal,' progressive, atheist, Jewish, not your preferred Christian denomination, or - god forbid - Muslim...take your pick...does not matter.

People like Sharpton are a symptom and absolutely not a cause. Organizations like ALEC, however, and others like Americans for Prosperity...are a cause.

Americans, like so many on this post site who have been taught to be afraid of everything and everybody else - and especially when they themselves don't understand - are both a symptom AND a primary cause. 

Do you all read anything, but the exact same material that you know will make you feel better about yourself; that deliberately doesn't accurately represent what's actually happening.

There has, in fact, been at least a handful of additional murders by police of black men including one 12 year old boy. That is not due to Sharpton... That is a racist, classist and out of control system with its tragic apologists who, in many cases, yearn for a return to antebellum America.

Do any of you have any shame whatsoever? 


Rusty Smith Added Aug 27, 2016 - 12:10pm
Well I too heard about how many black men have been murdered by police and did a little research, what I found surprised me.
Black men are not killed more often by the police because the system is racist, they are killed more often because they are involved with and around places where violent crime is commonplace much more than other races are in equally dangerous places.
I was also surprised to learn that black men dying at the hands of the police is really low on the statistical threat list of what is likely to kill most black men who die violent deaths.  The number one killer of young black men by far is other black men usually from their own neighborhoods.  They kill each other off at a horrendous rate, and it happens so often that it hardly makes the local news when they do, and never makes the national news like every incident were a black man is killed by the police, even if the cop that shot him was also black.
Black crime is horrific and out of control, and poor black communities demand the police do something about it by providing more manpower where the violence is the worst.  Whenever police response to a violent situation, domestic abuse or a murder, there is a chance they will become involved deadly confrontation, and that happens many times more often in poor black communities than it happens in more affluent communities that are not usually statistically black or nearly as violent.
Every kid knows that if they want to steer clear of trouble they are well advised to avoid bad neighborhoods because you don't have to be bad to get in trouble if you hang around violent people.  The police are no different.  If they patrol Beverly Hills they might never feel the need to pull their gun, because the people there may not be angles, but they only very rarely assault each other and even then, rarely with a gun.  Police shootings in those areas are extremely low because the police generally feel safe there and don't feel like they need to draw a gun to ensure their own safety.
Contrast that with poor black neighborhoods where the people who live there do shoot at and murder each other on a regular basis.  Where a policeman responding to a domestic altercation, or even a traffic stop does have a good chance of dealing with a person who is inclined to be violent, and often is armed with guns.  Where a large percentage of the young man might have to go back to jail if the are caught with a gun.  If they go to pull over a 19 year old on probation who has a gun with him, it's not the same as pulling over some white kid in Beverly Hills whose worst fear is that he won't be able to talk his way out of a ticket.
Sure racism exists, but its not why so many black men get killed by police.