The Delusion of Christian 'Discrimination' in America

The remarkable delusion that large numbers of American christians apparently have carefully nurtured of being 'discriminated' against here in America has been one of the more bizarre constructs of the propaganda machine.

Do you really think, for instance, that the right of employees of a 'christian' employer to have birth control availability in their medical plans denies your 'religious freedom?'

If so, your sense of faith and belief is struggling and very insecure. 
I'd invite any of you to live in many other countries where your nonsense would not be tolerated in the least. Where the discrimination you all pretend exists in America would be at you and at a level you would not even be able tolerate for a moment. Even try going to hand out the New Testament in selected countries and see how quickly you are arrested and, perhaps, tortured though being American may protect you a bit.
Another remarkable delusion is the apparent belief that having to respect those of other religions in America is a form of American 'discrimination' against christians.

Tell you what....if you don't believe in birth control; don't use it. If you don't believe in gay rights to marriage, don't marry somebody of the same sex.

Other than that, your views are irrelevant to other Americans to include many of their own honest christian faith. Above all, understand that your belief structure is not a 'guide' or set of rules for anybody else.
Many so identified christians also don't seem to realize that to be 'christian' does not represent a monolithic belief structure. I can easily find a number of very sincere, devout and honest 'christians' who think your corner of christianity on steroids is an embarrassment. 
As a point of fact; that I couldn't care in the least in what you believe is yet another point about which so many self professed christians haven't a clue. That is, in fact, what America can believe in that as you wish but can't presume it as a 'guide' for anybody else; as a set of rules for America. And, again, America is a nation with many christians who pursue their christianity in many different ways but certainly is not a 'Christian Nation.'
What you can't do, also, is to think that I or others have to care in the least about your needed faith and belief structures. And certainly don't think that my not caring in the least somehow interferes in your own mistaken sense of 'religious freedom.' 
A poster on this site has apparently and absurdly concluded that I see such insecure christians as my 'mortal enemy?' Do some of you need such nonsense somehow to make you feel more 'christian?' Go out today and buy another I (heart) Jesus magnet for you car to feel better.
In one of the Synoptic Gospels, your Jesus myth is said to have referenced that prayer is private; it is individual. Yet so many American christians violate this basic tenet - 'Jesus's own words - every single day.
You all hold onto whatever it is you need to help you get through the day. If a belief in the supernatural and fantasy is what you need, I certainly don't care. That it is a weakness rather than a strength is a point I know you'll never understand.
Strength is being secure in yourself and the future by yourself and with others unlike yourself without the need to carry and push on others your own supernatural beliefs in, for instance, some kind of heavenly eternity. This sort of behavior is borne only out of fear of the unknown.

Strength is respecting, responding and being comfortable with differences and different belief structures. Otherwise, you can follow a mythical 'god' just as quickly as you subscribe to a brand new cult that interprets and follows the tales of Mother Goose.
That anybody would truly think that I consider christians as my 'mortal enemies' references, only, huge individual insecurity and defensiveness about your own beliefs. It is also unmitigated nonsense.

But I will certainly expect posts on this string where those of you most insecure again violate 'Jesus's' own dictum of individual and private prayer. But go ahead and send me another post that actually only is to tell yourself - and yourself alone - what a great christian you are.

Or buy another I (heart) Jesus magnet for your car.....