Neo-Theocratic American Right Insanity Peaks...Obama now 'responsible' for murdered NYPD Officers

Turns out the two NYPD police officers executed by yet another deeply disturbed American with easy access to guns were actually killed due to Obama and/or Bill de Blasio, New York City's Mayor. This is, anyway, the current and purely parasitic talking point being used as part of the latest organized assault on America by the neo-theocratic, corporate hard American Right.

This is the exact, and carefully coordinated absolute insanity, that has generated so much media and money for these pathetic anti everything American bottom feeders; the neo-theocratic corporate hard Right of America.

Now we can start counting how many times Fox News, Rush and friends parrot this latest offense against America; against everything that once truly made America 'exceptional.'

Rather than talking about and media attention to how just about any American with any kind of history can buy any type and amount of guns they wish as a reason why police departments have become over 'militarized' and death by gun in America is out of control, it is 'Obama's 'fault;' or 'DeBlasio's fault.'

Anybody or anything is 'responsible' but the American neo-theocratic Right and their own grotesque irresponsibility. The fact that so many members of American hating neo-theocratic right wing constantly incite and agitate their followers into anti-government hysteria won't be discussed either.

After all, it is 'Obama's fault.' And the American mainstream media will continue to follow along as spineless, cowardly transcribers.

And for those who didn't catch an earlier story,  Gabby Giffords, the former member of the House of Representatives from Colorado who shot in the head by yet another deeply disturbed American able to get as many guns as he wanted was actually booed -booed - by a right wing audience of 'gun activists' for her support of responsible, registered gun ownership. 


J. Keith Maxwell Added Jul 4, 2017 - 10:04pm
Autumn Cote, why would you allow someone to write without a name or image or any information at all? I mean at least you can say Anonymous, but why let anonymous folks write here? Trouble invited. My $0.02
Henry Ortiz Added Jul 5, 2017 - 5:24am
What are you talking about? I guess you work for CNN or MSNBC, who has been creating divisions between white and black peoples in the last 8 years? Who has been lying to us?, don't you remember Benghazi? Who has been supporting the division of Christian and Musulm in the last 8 years?, who has been promoting hate against Christian faith?
I am not republican, I think Trump is not a good person but I prefer him than Clinton a thousand times.