Whose 'Gay Agenda' Is It?...or...The Constitution Can't be Used to Discriminate against a Category of Citizens

And another attempt to legislate discrimination falls in Alabama.

At some point, the more homophobic core and politicians of the American neo-theological corporate Right will finally recognize that their personal views notwithstanding, American law and the American Constitution does not allow legalized or legislated intent to discriminate against any clearly defined category of citizens whether you like them; whether you personally 'approve' or not.

You all also really must have other things to do at this point, don't you? Of course, that would mean doing the real work of the country rather than setting up the next fund raising campaign to 'save' America from the supposed homosexual agenda. 

But even in this, you are misrepresenting. 

The 'homosexual agenda' is actually your own in the attempt to improperly use gay men and women as a strawman to divide, manipulate and grow your own self perceived stature among a small, loud but getting smaller all of the time, core of the GOP electorate.

Understand above all that your interpretation of the bible, and the bible itself, is not - not - either a 'legal' or historical document.

Believe in whatever god you will and go to church. Apply that belief structure to your life as it helps you. If that must include abusing your bible as a tool for rationalizing hate; that's unfortunate but so be it. But keep it in the confines of your church and while you are standing in front of your own mirror since it does not matter to anybody else.

Finally realize, too, that your bible; your belief structure most certainly does not guide American jurisprudence, the clearly articulated individual rights of American citizens, national or state legislation.. You are welcome to share - with decency - your views and perspective; try to convince others - decently. But understand that these are only relevant to you as your views and perspective.

Start to truly realize that your perspective on and application of god is absolutely irrelevant to anybody else but you and those who may similarly believe.

Since it clearly needs repeating....America cannot legislate discrimination against selected categories of its citizens. That directly violates legal...and basic human....standards and individual rights.  It violates America....

How many of these decisions by Republican dominated courts; how many Republican appointed judges will it take to make you finally understand this basic point about that which is America? You really must have something else to do that actually is relevant to America.

The gay right to marriage also does not effect or otherwise impact you in any way what-so-ever; you are not an 'aggrieved party' other than in your disapproval. And if gay marriage rights are against your personal belief structure - well - my primary suggestion would be that you refrain from marrying a person of the same sex.

I saw a photo of a mainstream church's outside board recently which says it all; it read...'we are sorry if gay marriage threatens the sanctity of your 4th marriage.'

The positive model and deep commitment that so many gay men and women have shown to live in monogamous and committed relationships even in the face of ignorance, targeted vitriol, sometimes directed violence and active discrimination should actually be viewed as a positive influence and role model for many Americans.

I long ago read that romance is love and marriage business. The act of marriage reflects commitment, stability and shared legal responsibility. So many of you who hate and discriminate in the name of your 'god' might want to learn from the remarkable efforts by the American gay community to have access to the institution of marriage.