White Celebrities Who've Gotten Away With Saying The N Word (Or Why Jon Stewart Is Just As "Racist" As Paula Deen)

In the wake of the insipid Paula Deen controversy over her “admitting” under oath she had used The N Word sometime in the past, I got to thinking about all the white celebrities who not only said The N Word--and, as you’re about to see, WORSE--but who’ve actually gotten away with saying The N Word by the very SAME people who are now dumping all over Paula Deen. Here are just a few of the most erroneous examples of what I’m talking about:

Jon Stewart, who’s the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, has said The N Word more than once on his own show. In fact, there’s a YouTube clip of one of the times he’s uttered The N Word (complete with audience laughter, by the way). However, in spite of this, no one--not even from The Right (whom Jon has taken to task for being “racist“)--took him to task for saying The N Word. Not surprisingly, current Daily Show guest host John Oliver had a field day with the Paula Deen controversy in spite of the fact that his very own “boss” has said the very SAME word himself. Of course, Stewart & Oliver NEVER miss an opportunity to denounce The Right as being “racist” and whatnot. Pot, meet kettle!

Howard Stern, the already-controversial “shock jock” and self-proclaimed King Of All Media, continues to host the “family-friendly” show America’s Got Talent in spite of the video that’s been on YouTube along with other sites for years of him dressed in BLACKFACE while repeatedly uttering The N Word in a skit he did with the late Sherman Hemsley (of The Jeffersons fame). This, of course, wasn’t the FIRST time Stern appeared in BLACKFACE. YouTube is filled with clips from one of his earlier TV interviews on the late Petey Greene’s talk show when he appeared in--that’s right!--BLACKFACE (Petey Greene, for those of you who don‘t know, was himself African-American). Again, just like with his other BLACKFACE clip, there was scarcely any “outrage” over this. I tried to get the “conservative” TV watchdog group One Million Moms--which was, if you’ll recall, the group that targeted Dancing With The Stars for casting Cher’s “transgendered” daughter Chastity--interested in this but no dice. (Maybe they’re too busy going ballistic over that “Zesty” commercial or whatever!) Unbelievably (or maybe believably!), Howard Stern actually accused his radio rival Don Imus of being "racist" and how HE was known to use The N Word when they worked together while commenting on the Paula Deen-esque controversy when Imus made his by-now-infamous racial epithet against that women's basketball team (which I won't repeat here) on David Letterman's show. But, then again, Stern DID reportedly go to his bosses and "persuade" them to order his fellow "shock jocks" Opie & Anthony to stop "mocking" HIM on their show. Hypocritical much there, Howard?

Whoopi Goldberg has consistently criticized Paula Deen on The View ever since her controversy erupted, yet Whoopi apparently thought it was a grand idea to “persuade” then-boyfriend Ted Danson to “appear” in--what else!--BLACKFACE at the Friar’s Club back during the nineties while he told “black” jokes. And Whoopi actually took “offense” when other African-American entertainers, such as Montel Williams, took then-boyfriend Ted Danson to task for this. So I guess in Whoopi’s “liberal” mind white celebrities can be “racist” so long as she’s dating them and she “encourages” them to do so! (Oh yeah, Whoopi also “defended” admitted child rapist Roman Polanski--who copped to drugging & raping a 13-year-old girl and fled the country to avoid serving jail time--by saying on The View that what he did DIDN’T amount to what she termed “rape-rape” and she defended comedian/talk show host Bill Maher on The View--of course!--for calling Sarah Palin’s youngest child Trig--who has Down Syndrome--The R Word. Nice!)

Sarah Silverman--who already courted at least some controversy for herself when she infamously told an Asian joke complete with Asian “racial” slur on Conan O‘Brien‘s old TV talk show (before, of course, his ill-fated stint on The Tonight Show)--uttered The N Word herself in her film Jesus Is Magic. She, like fellow “comedian” Howard Stern, also appeared in--you guessed it!--BLACKFACE not only on Twitter--with the caption how she was all “minstreled” out--but on her TV show on, of all places, Comedy Central (which is STILL posted on their Website, by the way). Now you might be asking yourself at this point if Jon Stewart attacked Sarah the same way Paula Deen was “attacked” on his show? What in the “racist” hell do YOU think? What makes this even more hypocritical is that Sarah Silverman actually went on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to denounce then-Presidential candidate Rick Perry for having The N Word scrawled on a rock that lead to his hunting lodge or wherever. Again, pot, meet kettle!

If you'll recall, singer John Mayer, like Paula Deen, got into loads of "trouble" for saying The N Word and various other racial epithets in his Playboy Interview some years back. However, years before fashion mogul--and left-wing icon--Tommy Hilfiger used The N Word in his own Playboy Interview without receiving nowhere near the amount of "trouble" John Mayer--nor Paula Deen--did. (I think it's interesting to note here that Mr. Hilfiger was accused of making "racist" remarks on The Oprah Winfrey Show some years back that apparently turned out to be bogus. Again, I feel it's interesting that he would receive controversy for making false "racist" remarks but receive nothing for making real "racist" remarks. Go figure!)

The leftie commentators on "news" channel MSNBC have never been shy about denouncing others, particularly on The Right, as being racist, like Paula Deen and the Tea Party, yet they kept noted right-winger Pat Buchanan on the payroll for years even AFTER Pat penned a column where he suggested how--my paraphrasing--African-Americans should be "grateful" for slavery and/or penning a book wherein he implied how "wrong" it was for the U.S. to have fought Adolf Hitler during WWII, among MANY other "racial" things Buchanan has done throughout his career as a rightie blowhard. MSNBC finally canned Buchanan after he penned another book wherein he argued how white people were being "discriminated" against or some such "racial" nonsense. Now do you think said leftie commentators on MSNBC said ANYTHING about Pat Buchanan being racist, especially while he was "working" for them (and, of course, while they were going after OTHER righties for being--that's right!--racist like said Tea Party)? What in the "racist" hell do YOU think?

And, though they didn't actually say The N Word (that we know of anyway), both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden caught at least some heat--primarily from The Right (of course!)--for making "racial" comments against Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential election. Clinton, if you'll recall, reportedly said "he'd be carrying our bags" during a conversation with the late Ted Kennedy while Obama was running against his wife. Biden--again, if you'll recall--kindly referred to his then-opponent Obama as the first "clean & articulate" African-American Presidential candidate we'd EVER had in this country. (Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, are you listening?) Of course, no leftie in his right mind today (pardon the pun!) would dare accuse either Bill or Joe of being "racist" today (and, as I recall, no leftie accused either one of being "racist" back then!).

Noted left-wing stalwart Alec Baldwin reportedly hurled some racial epithets to a black photographer who was reportedly an ex-police officer. While there admittedly might be some question as to what really transpired during that particularly nasty incident, there's absolutely NO doubt that Alec posted on Twitter a homophobic slur by calling a "gay" reporter The Q Word after said "gay" reporter wrote a "negative" article about Baldwin's new wife and actually threatened to "f him up" when they met next. However, while Paula Deen's career was being virtually destroyed, Alec's Capital One commercials are, at the time of this writing, STILL being aired as he has not only NOT lost any of his precious sponsors like Paula Deen has but he is being "supported" by the very same "liberals" who have gone out of their "liberal" way to destroy Paula Deen over something she did years before. (And does anyone recall when Mr. Baldwin actually verbally assaulted his young daughter over the phone years ago and actually threatened her of which he seemed more "upset" over the phone message being released than what he actually did? In any case, I guess this means that, in spite of what they say, "liberals" will support sexism, homophobia AND racism so long as it's a fellow "liberal" being sexist, homophobic AND racist like Alec Baldwin [allegedly] is, huh?)

And, to show how I’m NOT playing favorites unlike some of the others I‘ve mentioned, the late comedian George Carlin--who’s a personal hero of mine--himself uttered The N Word onstage when he pointed out how no one gets “upset” when Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy utter The N Word because, according to George, they’re . . . well, I don’t think I have to repeat what George actually said at this point, do I?

And, again, to show how I’m not playing favorites, punk rocker/spoken word artist Jello Biafra--who’s another personal hero of mine--uttered The N Word on the “classic” punk rock song “Holiday In Cambodia” by his old group The Dead Kennedys.

These are a few of the most erroneous examples of white celebrities who got away with saying The N Word with no noticeable harm to their careers. I myself personally don’t give a damn if ANY white celebrity uses The N Word the same way I frankly don’t give a damn if Barack Obama is truly “Muslim” or not. To quote from Thomas Jefferson (who himself was a slave owner who had, uh-hum, affairs with his slaves, most notably Sally Hemings with whom he even fathered children with), it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. I feel there are far more important things to worry ourselves with or get “upset” over in this country than some dimwitted celebrity using The N Word. What really irks me is the very SAME “liberals” who are now going out of their “leftist” way to try to destroy Paula Deen’s career DON’T say a blessed word when one of their own utters The N Word (and, as I’ve pointed out, WORSE). It’s reminiscent of when The Left went after Rush Limbaugh for calling that college student a “prostitute” on his radio show for testifying before Congress about how the government should provide women “free” birth control or whatever but went out of their “leftie” way to defend Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin The C Word (and then the very SAME lefties got “upset” AGAIN when comedian Daniel Tosh--who also has his own show on Comedy Central--told a “rape joke” to a female heckler at one of his shows). I mean, if Paula Deen is “racist” for uttering The N Word, then, by George, so is Jon Stewart & Howard Stern and all the other “leftie” celebrities whom I’ve mentioned here. To paraphrase the late great George Carlin, let’s NOT have a double standard. One “standard” will do JUST fine!


Billy Roper Added Apr 19, 2017 - 11:11am
John Stewart, Bill Maher, and Howard Stern aren't White. They're Jews. That's why they can get away with doing and saying anything. Oy Vey!
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Apr 19, 2017 - 7:14pm
Seems to me this article just shows both sides can be racist and hypocrites. And like Billy said if the individual is a Jew they can get away with anything. 
Stone-Eater Added Apr 20, 2017 - 10:10am
N word ? Nigger ? What's wrong with that ? Fuck PC. Do people know how Whites are called by them ? I guess not.
If you take such crap seriously you're blind to REAL problems.
What's worse - Nigger or a new world war ?
Please :)
Dino Manalis Added Apr 21, 2017 - 11:39am
Nobody should say the N word, white or black, it's wrong!