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Many of us see the Federal and some State governments as laden with fraud; policies that allow confiscation of private property to occur; policies or good ole buddy systems that allow some persons to rise above the rule of law; policies that allow for robbery of money to occur through the banking system; and so many more areas of failure on a grand scale even to the point of legislating moral chaos and policy that enable evil doers.   And while all of this is happening, no one is held accountable or even arrested.  And seemingly no plans are put into place to correct the wrongs and even some wrongs are accepted.   If just a fraction of this was happening in the private sector, CEOs would be fired or tried in a court of law; companies would go bankrupt due to poor leadership at many levels, and on and on.


Is government way too large to be efficient or honest?  Has rotten politics been at play?  Rotten to the point of we, (players of government ),can get away with anything perpetuated on the people?  Has government grown drunk on itself and its insatiable appetite for power pitted against the electorate? 


What say you?  


Bill Kamps Added Dec 5, 2015 - 2:16pm
Paul, I have contended that government in the USA, like most governments has always been corrupt.  The corruption has changed form over time, but it is always there.
People used to walk into the White House with bags of cash, to get what they want. LBJ went to Washington with relatively modest means, and left Washington worth a few hundred million, that didnt happen on his salary.  Go back to Grant or Roosevelt or pick your President or era, always has been corruption.
What about Mayor Daley's Chicago ?
You dont think laws werent passed in the 1800s to favor some friend, or political crony ?  Ever hear of Boss Tweed ?
Shoot even going back to tribal laws, they always had favors for the friends of the leaders.
Now it is campaign contributions, or favors, or the kinds of corruption you talk about.  It has always been with us. We are naive if we think government was honest 50 or 100 years ago.
Its kind of like us being shocked that Clintion fooled around in the White House.  There were many more before him, just not as publicly known.
Mike Haluska Added Dec 5, 2015 - 4:33pm
The government is the only organization that would DARE ask to raise taxes when its own General Accounting Office admits that the rate of fraud, abuse and waste is over 35%! 
Try going to your boss for an increase in your department budget with those statistics.  You couldn't - because you would have been fired at 3%!!! 
Paul Robbins Added Dec 5, 2015 - 9:02pm
Richard Rahn wrote a piece and I have pasted a portion here......


Every thinking person implicitly knows that the U.S. government is the world’s biggest financial fraudster. The cumulative yearly fraud by government actors is well in excess of $1 trillion and takes many forms. It begins with the IRS overcharging citizens by doing such things as engaging in “asset forfeiture” — that is, seizing banking accounts and other property of individuals and businesses who have not been convicted of any wrongdoing. The IRS taxes the portion of capital gains due solely to inflation as “income” when it is clearly not.
Government is notoriously mismanaged, wasteful and fraud-ridden. Last May, the Economist magazine reported: “In 2012 Donald Berwick, a former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Andrew Hackbarth of RAND Corporation, estimated that fraud added as much as $98 billion, or roughly 10 percent, to annual Medicare and Medicaid spending and up to $272 billion across the entire health system.” Similar amounts of fraud are found in most every federal government program — Social Security, food stamps and other welfare, defense spending, and now Obamacare. A private company subject to the degree of fraud, waste and mismanagement found in government would soon be driven out of business.
We lock our doors in order to keep bad folks from stealing our stuff. If that doesn’t work, we add more locks and a security system to keep the thieves at bay. Massive theft of government (i.e., taxpayer) funds and property goes on and is tolerated decade after decade because too few in government care “about locking the doors” (it’s is not their money) and are not held responsible for the losses, let alone mismanagement.
The government has been ripping off every saver to the tune of hundreds of billions a year for the last few years. The Federal Reserve has been artificially holding down the rate of interest paid to most savers in order to cheaply fund government spending, and to subsidize favored big banks, companies and others. If you have worked hard to save a $100,000 you most likely expected to receive interest equal to about 5 percent per year on your savings. (Note: the long-term real rate of risk-adjusted return to capital is approximately 3 percent, plus 2 percent inflation totals 5 percent.) Rather than receiving the expected $5,000 in interest on your savings account, you probably received less than $2,000. The missing $3,000 was taken through a non-legislated tax increase managed by the Fed with the blessing of the Obama administration and the majority in Congress.

An even bigger fraud has been the result of destructive tax and regulatory policies which have substantially diminished economic growth. Last week in an article in Investor’s Business Daily, former U.S. Treasury officials Ernest Christian and Gary Robbins, using the updated Tax Foundation dynamic scoring model, reported that the roughly $2 trillion in income tax receipts gathered cost the U.S. economy $3.2 trillion in lost output (and millions of jobs). These figures are similar to many other studies that show more than a dollar of output is lost for every dollar of income tax raised.
If the federal government was downsized to do only the tasks given to it by the Constitution, and if the management and fraud-prevention controls that every large business uses were put in place, there would be no need for an income tax. Without the income tax, the economy would be much larger, with millions of additional jobs and higher real incomes for most everyone. And the crime of income tax fraud would disappear, along with all of the stress and resulting ill health that the IRS imposes on taxpayers.
• Richard W. Rahn is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth.
Paul Robbins Added Dec 5, 2015 - 9:06pm
Rahn assessment noted in my previous comment, is agree to by many in and out of government....especially the 2T income tax receipts cost 3T in lost output.......

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